Live From The Astroturf 12" Album

Unfinished Business

The Live From The Astroturf 7" release in 2016 was not only an undoubted success but also helped to re-ignite fans' passion for the original Alice Cooper Group.  Almost as soon as people got hold of the single, there were calls by many to see a release by Good Records of the full 8-track setlist at their store in Dallas, Texas on Tuesday 06th October 2015.


Many people's prayers were answered when just such a release was announced on the Record Store Day website on Tuesday 09th October 2018. As with the 7" single, the LP was to be a vinyl only affair (to the masses at least) and would be released on the corresponding Record Store Day in 2018 (Black Friday, 23rd November 2018).


Initially understood to be limited to just 3,000 units across the USA (500 more than the mainstream 7" single), the original description of the release was as follows:


Full instore performance from the legendary night October 6, 2015. Includes a double sided 24”x36” poster, a 11”x11” 16 page booklet/program, 6 trading cards, each b-side* of LP will feature a different member at random, there will be 10 different color variants at random in mofi sleeves and each silver foil board gatefold jacket will be stamped and numbered.


1. Caught In A Dream 2. Be My Lover 3. I'm Eighteen 4. Is It My Body 5. No More Mr Nice Guy 6. Under My Wheels 7. School's Out 8. Elected.


* On this album the B Side was labelled 'Side C'. This was a nice touch as Side A and Side C obviously were the initials of Alice Cooper!


Many fans were quick to point out the significance of the release, 50 years on from the renaming of 'The Nazz' to 'Alice Cooper'. This was extremely well received as there was considerable disappointment that 2018, to that point in time at least, had failed to provide Alice Cooper Group fans with any notable celebration of this landmark occasion (no shows with the surviving members, no special releases, nothing).  

Record Store Day Release Information

Excitement levels shifted into overdrive a week later when Good Records released a fantastic official music video for Under My Wheels (see below) featuring caricatures of the Alice Cooper Group, plus Good Records owner (and Live From The Astroturf mastermind) Chris Penn.  


The video primarily focused on the performance at Good Records that the audio recording is taken from, but also gives a nice nod to the 2017 shows featuring the surviving Alice Cooper Group members at Nashville, Tennessee and the United Kingdom plus the studio recording of new songs for the Paranormal album (also released in 2017).   

Promotional image from the Under My Wheels music video

On 07th November 2018, an article in the Dallas Observer confirmed that the previously announced 3,000* National Edition copies would be joined by a Good Records Edition that would be limited to 1,000 copies. This was very similar to the original 7" release whereby 200 'Good Records Editions' joined the wider release of 2,300 copies.


* It was later confirmed that the National Edition would actually be subject to 4,000 copies (rather than 3,000). Added to the 1,000 Good Records Editions, that meant a final production run of 5,000 copies. 


It was also confirmed in the same article, and contrary to earlier information, that there would actually be a staggering 15 different colour variants of the 12" release (the 7" had 'just' 5) with 12 allocated to the National Edition and 3 to the Good Records Edition.


It was also confirmed that:


> The vinyl would be pressed at Goota Groove in Cleveland (who also pressed the 7" version) and would come housed in a double-gatefold sleeve printed at Imprint Indie Printing in Florida;


> It would feature trading cards, just like the Billion Dollar Babies LP; and 


> The inside of the record sleeve would have a pink Astroturf motif along with a booklet with pictures, a short handwritten note from Alice Cooper and an essay written by Dennis Dunaway.

Live From The Astroturf 12" Promotional Image 1
Live From The Astroturf 12" Promotional Image 2
On 16th November 2018, Guitar World premiered an 'Unboxing' video featuring Alice Cooper himself taking the album for a spin. This not only gave fans a first proper look at the elaborate packaging, but also a chance to see many of the vinyl colours in all their glory.
The Unboxing with Alice Cooper

A few days before its release The 'In' Groove record store of Phoenix, Arizona wet fans' appetite even more with this cool unboxing video of a 'Coke Clear' variant of the National Edition.

Release Day

On Friday 23rd November 2018, the Live From The Astroturf 12" was released to mass excitement amongst Alice Cooper Group fans. As in 2016, Good Records was the focal point with the exclusive Good Records Edition available to customers on a 1-per-customer basis.  


Also on sale and exclusive to Good Records was an 8-Track edition (limited to 100 units in various colours), T-shirts and spare copies of some of the memorabilia included within the 12" release. It later transpired that a cassette edition of the album (also limited to 100 units) was also produced with the tapes featuring either clear hot pink (numbers 1 to 18) or solid pink designs (see images below).   

Good Records on release day (photo by Chris Penn)
Live From The Astroturf 8-Tracks (photo by Chris Penn)

As release day unfolded, many fans took to social media to proudly show off their purchases. This was the first opportunity to see many of the outstanding colour variants and they were a joy to behold!


Chris Penn and his pal Bucks Burnett (owner of 14 Records in Dallas) also showcased some of the exquisite additional detailing of the Good Records Edition in this great video. Extra goodies provided in this edition were:


> 3 unique vinyl colours (see below for more details);


> Custom sticker sheet featuring caricature images the Alice Cooper Group;


> Dennis Dunaway Live From The Astroturf guitar pick;


> 6 x double sided 8" x 10" prints of the Alice Cooper Group;


> Alice Cooper Group 50th Anniversary logo patch;


> Double-sided Live From The Astroturf vinyl slipmat;


> The sleeve stamped with unique pink foil number and pink 'Live From The Astroturf' writing on the front (they are silver and white on the National Edition respectively); and


> Everything packaged in a pink ziplock bag.

Good Records Edition (Fluorescent Pink Variant)

Finally, and as with the 7" release, a small number of test pressing copies were produced with some secured by hardcore fans. These were limited to 68 copies, with 18 black vinyls in a white sleeve and 50 'Random Mix Splatter' vinyls in a black sleeve (these were individually numbered 1-18 and 1-50 respectively).


Below are images of every variant, which are titled as follows:


National Edition Variants


Note: The 'C Side' (Side 2) vinyl labels for these variants feature any 1 image of Glen Buxton, Michael Bruce, Dennis Dunaway or Neal Smith.


Note: The Black variant features 180 gram vinyl, whereas all other pressings (including the Good Records Editions) are 150 gram.

1. Confetti;
2. Willy Wonka (split white / pink colour)*;
3. Random Mix Splatter (each one a different colour mix);
4. Black*;
5. Transparent Pink;
6. White*;
7. Opaque Pink*;
8. Coke Clear;
9. Boris Purple;
10. Silver;
11. Transparent Neon Green; and
12. Clear.


Note: Variants 3 to 12 were collectively offered to hardcore crowd-funding fans as a 'Cadillac Club' 10 vinyl set. These were packaged in ulta-cool Muscle Of Love style cardboard cartons, were individually numbered between 1 and 50, and had a number of cool additional items thrown in for good measure (see my feature below for more details).


Good Records Edition Variants


Note: The 'C Side' (Side 2) vinyl labels for these variants only feature images of Alice.


13. Fluorescent Pink*;
14. Transparent Orange; and
15. Violet.


* Denotes colours that featured in the original 7" release.


Last but not least, an excellent article on the events leading up to the 12" release was published by Rue Morgue Records in December 2018.

Cadillac Club Assembly Line (photo by Chris Penn)
Cadillac Club cartons ready for shipping by Good Records (photo by Chris Penn). Note the resemblance to the original Muscle Of Love album vinyl packaging.

Critical Acclaim

On Wednesday 15th October 2019 the album was honoured with the title of 'Best Record Store Day Release' at the Making Vinyl Awards 2019 in Hollywood, California. Accepting awards that night was Chris Penn, Dennis Dunaway, photographer Mark Bowman and Michael Bruce.  

Release Day Gallery

Below are images that proud owners shared on social media after release day (thank you all for permitting me to share them here):

Production Numbers

As fans began to proudly share their copies on social media, some numbering patterns began to emerge (I started a spreadsheet and logged every number I saw and what colour they were). This acted as a useful initial guide to people to stand a better chance of finding the variants that they were after the most.


Cadillac Club members begun to receive their packages in January 2019 and these came with a pink sheet of paper confirming the official production numbers for the first time (see below):

Official Production Numbers

National Edition Variants (white numbers stamped on rear sleeve)


1. Confetti variant: 18 pressings (0,001 to 0,018);


2. Willy Wonka variant: 32 pressings (0,019 to 0,050);


3. Random Mix Splatter variant: 150 pressings* (0,051 to 0,200); 


4. Black variant: 200 pressings (0,201 to 0,400);


5. Transparent Pink variant: 1,000 pressings (0,401 to 1,400);


6. White variant: 500 pressings (1,401 to 1,900);


7. Opaque Pink variant: 600 pressings (1,901 to 2,500);


8. Coke Clear variant: 200 pressings (2,501 to 2,700);


9. Boris Purple variant: 300 pressings (2,701 to 3,000);


10. Silver variant: 300 pressings (3,001 to 3,300);


11. Transparent Neon Green variant: 200 pressings (3,301 to 3,500); and


12. Clear variant: 500 pressings (3,501 to 4,000).


Good Records Edition Variants (pink numbers stamped on rear sleeve)


13. Fluorescent Pink variant: 150 pressings (0,001 to 0,150);


14. Transparent Orange variant: 400 pressings (0,150 to 0,550); and


15. Violet variant: 450 pressings (0,551 to 1,000).


* A small number of additional, unnumbered, Random Mix Splatter records were presented to persons involved in the production of the record).

Grammy Consideration

In September 2019 the Live From The Astroturf 12" release was nominated for a coveted Grammy Award (just like the 7" was).

Grammy Consideration Promotional Material (image by Chris Penn)

Live From The Astroturf 12" Vinyl Album (Black Variant)

2018, Good Records, GRR 50

Shortly after release date I was fortunate to track this rare black variant, #0,286, down at the excellent UK record store Phoenix Sound (just 10 miles from where I live). I had previously dropped in to promote the album, not that it needed any extra help, and was delighted to learn that they had stocked five copies. By the time I'd got in touch three of them had unsurprisingly sold already, with the other two being snapped up by myself (I have since traded the other one, #0,287, with hardcore UK Astroturf fan Chris Daniels).


Taking a look through the packaging it's immediately evident that, like the 7" release, no expense has been spared whatsoever. The gatefold sleeve is effectively a grown up version of the original design with the same beautiful metallic foil board design. This time though added money has been lavished on the centrefold, with the image of the Alice Cooper Group treated to a gorgeous pink tone effect. As if that wasn't enough, Good Records have reached new heights in extravagance by including a pink astroturf motif within the 2 slots where the vinyl disc and other goodies go in. The sheer flamboyance of this is breath-taking (you will never get to see most of it) but it looks killer!


Elsewhere, those with an eye-for-detail will note that Neal Smith's drumhead has been subject to some digital re-engineering with the 2 'Ludwig' logos replaced with 'Live From The Astroturf' and 'Good Records'. Finally, the unique stamped number for every copy is now provided beneath the drumhead in silver (it was previously blue and positioned to the bottom left).


Inside the astroturf-laden slots are an outstanding, highly glossy, 16-page booklet and a ginormous double-sided poster. The booklet includes a hand-written note from Alice Cooper and a glowing testimonial from Dennis Dunaway. Also included are terrific images from the historic night, an archive image of the great Glen Buxton, press article extracts and album credits. Amongst the credits are the names of the proud fans that helped to crowd-fund the project (I'm in there somewhere). The poster features a cool series of 'then-and-now' images of the Alice Cooper Group members on one side and the now iconic album cover on the other.


Last but not least for the packaging is the brilliant hot pink Obi strip, which contains promotional material on the front and credits on the back. This is a work of art in its own right as it also features a custom '50 Years' (of Alice Cooper) logo on the front and Muscle Of Love inspired track list on the back. Such is the attention to detail that even the '18' on the serial code is highlighted in white in recognition of I'm Eighteen.


As if all the above wasn't enough, the inside of the Obi strip is provided with 6 fantastic Billion Dollar Babies inspired perforated trading cards featuring each member of the Alice Cooper Group complete with printed autograph, plus an additional Live From The Astroturf card. At the bottom, 'Alice Cooper' and 'Live From The Astroturf' are presented in the Killer-style hand-written font as originally penned by the left (wrong) hand of Dennis Dunaway himself. And if you're wondering, yes, Dennis was specially recruited for this task again some 47 years later!


Being the 'Black' variant, the vinyl is pressed on 180 gram wax (all the others are 150 gram). It also features Glen Buxton on 'Side C' as the random Alice Cooper Group member to appear.


As for the music, what can I say! The recording quality is supreme in every way with a rich sound rarely heard before. The thing that again hits you is how well the intimate atmosphere of the night is captured, with every call-out from the crowd picked up and every piece of on-stage banter retained.  This is great as it gives you a feel of how gigs probably were when the Alice Cooper Group first started performing together in 1968.


A big shout-out also needs to be given to Michael Bruce, who delivers a fine vocal performance on Caught In A Dream. Thereafter, Alice enters the stage to take over vocals on the remaining 7 tracks. Each and every one is a joy to behold and reveals the original Group as still being on top of their game after half a century. We already knew this though, as it was this show that largely contributed to further performances by the Alice Cooper Group in front of area-sized audiences in Nashville and the UK in 2017.


You live in hope that there will be more performances in the future, but if this is the last time we hear them in recorded form then few fans could argue that this wasn't a fitting way to close the chapter of the Alice Cooper Group.


Thank God For Chris Penn!


Discogs Link: Click Here

Live From The Astroturf 12" Cadillac+ Set

2018, Good Records, GRR 50

As a hardcore Live From The Astroturf fan I was very fortunate to not only be offered the opportunity to purchase one of the 50 Cadillac Sets, but also have it upgraded to a 'Cadillac+ Set' (my own terminology). This meant that I received the standard 10 National Edition variants in my box (which is #05 of 50) but also the highly sought-after Confetti and Willy Wonka variants plus a host of other goodies hand-picked by Chris Penn and placed in a 2nd Cadillac 'Auxiliary Box'.


I must state now that NOTHING WILL EVER BEAT THIS for all-round coolness and I'm forever grateful to Chris Penn for his special treatment. These are without question my most prized Alice Cooper items.


So, here is a list of the full contents together with images:


Box 1 (Cadillac Set)


> 3 x Live From The Astroturf button badges;

> National Edition Confetti Variant 12" (#0,003);

> National Edition Willy Wonka Variant 12" (#0,025);

> National Edition Random Mix Splatter Variant 12" (#0,056);

> National Edition Black Variant 12" (#0,205);

> National Edition Transparent Pink Variant 12" (#0,403);

> National Edition White Variant 12" (#1,403);

> National Edition Opaque Pink Variant 12" (#1,903);

> National Edition Coke Clear Variant 12" (#2,515);

> National Edition Boris Purple Variant 12" (#2,706);

> National Edition Silver Variant 12" (#3,006);

> National Edition Transparent Neon Green Variant 12" (#3,343);

> National Edition Clear Variant 12" (#3,508);

> Original clipping of the Dallas Observer newspaper article; and

> Production number confirmation sheet.


The Confetti variant is absolutely stunning, with a bespoke design of layered colours emanating from the centre of the vinyl. When looking at it, and given that my copy features Dennis Dunaway on Side C, I couldn't help but think about the following quote from Chapter 1 of his Snakes! Guillotines! Electric Chairs! autobiography:


“My own paintings had bold splashes of colour and rarely any discernible subject matter. I just liked letting go. My artistic orgasms usually came out looking like an explosion in a scarf factory”


Being given copy number #0,003 was a tremendous honour too and I will be sure to take very good care of it!


Other notable highlights of the package are, of course, the now iconic design of the Willy Wonka variant and the stunning Random Mix Splatter variant, featuring a Fireball-like design complete with translucent red flame.  It is fitting that Glen Buxton features on Side C of this outrageous disc!


All the standard National Edition variants are noteworthy in their own unique way too, but I have a special liking for the Coke Clear and Boris Purple ones as they have mesmerising colours that vary considerably in different light.


Discogs Link: Click Here

Box 2 (Auxiliary Box)


> Live From The Astroturf T-shirt;

> Alice Cooper Group T-shirt;

> Live From The Astroturf Pink 8-Track (#003);

> Live From The Astroturf Transparent Hot Pink Cassette (#016);

> Live From The Astroturf Opaque Pink Cassette (promotional copy);

> Spare stickers, badges, guitar picks, art cards and obi strips;

> Launch party ticket (#003 of 153) and cocktail recipe;

> Black 12" Test Pressing (#03);

> Random Mix Splatter 12" Test Pressing (#03);

> Good Records Edition Fluorescent Pink Variant 12" (#069);

> Good Records Edition Transparent Orange Variant 12" (#363);

> Good Records Edition Violet Variant 12" (#804);

> Empty / Unstamped Good Records Edition sleeve (for framing); and

> A roll of Good Records / Live From The Astroturf packing tape.


This is an absolute treasure trove of collectibles. The obvious stand-out items are the Black and Random Mix Splatter Test Pressings (as with the Confetti variant, both #03), the latter of which features a stunning nebula-like design that is the polar opposite of the understated Black edition.


The cassettes and 8-Track are superbly produced and nicely retain the consistent branding of the Live From The Astroturf releases.


Again though, it is the Good Records Editions LPs and, more specifically, the Fluorescent Pink Variant that steals the show for me. The already world-class content of the National Editions is expanded upon further with the extra goodies that it offers and is topped off by my favourite vinyl colour of all time. It looked great as a 7" single but is even better in 12" form!


Discogs Link: Click Here

Live From The Astroturf 12" Vinyl Album (Random Mix Splatter Variant)

2018, Good Records, GRR 50

I was so impressed with the Random Mix Splatter variants being proudly displayed by owners on the Live From The Astroturf Facebook Group, and my Glen Buxton 'Fireball' of course (above), that I couldn't resist the opportunity to score another copy when offered the chance to swap it with my spare Black variant.  


This one (#0,123), which I affectionately call 'Midnight Aurora', is completely different to the Fireball, being deep / solid purple, but with flecks of light like the Aurora Borealis. The subtle design may not have the 'Wow' factor of some of Random Mix Splatter copies, but this one really grows on you.


The other appealing thing about this copy is that it features Michael Bruce on Side C, which was very welcome as I only scored one copy with him on it in my Cadillac set.


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Live From The Astroturf 12" Vinyl Albums (The 17 Club)

Live From The Astroturf 7" and 12" Records

Live From The Astroturf Film Festival Edition

In celebration of the successful Live From The Astroturf motion picture, and due to popular demand, a special 'Film Festival Edition' LP was released in November 2019. This was limited to just 50 individually numbered copies and featured a simple brown card sleeve complete with predominantly pink, movie-themed artwork, clearly inspired by the Muscle Of Love album. On the rear of the sleeve were great graphics illustrating both the locations that the movie was shown at in its debut year and the prizes it won.


Inside the package, fans were treated to numerous goodies including a replica Dallas International Film Festival ticket, obi strip, spare vinyl labels, 2 posters (the first being the one from the original release and the other advertising the September / October 2019 screenings), temporary tattoo, pink or black balloon and a set of 5 Freep Festival art cards featuring each member of the Alice Cooper Group. Of most note though was that the vinyl discs (which featured custom Side C labels) were a recreation of the highly sought after Confetti variant, which was previously limited to just 18 pressings when the National Edition was released in 2018 (see above). This made the Film Festival Edition a must-have for fans (and also meant that the Willy Wonka variant technically became the rarest 12" variant).


Finally, the other reason for the premium price tag (about $300) was that every owner was to have their name included in the credits of the final version of the film when it was released in 2022 (see image below).


Fans were quick to take to the Live From The Astroturf Facebook Group to show-off their prized copies. 


A very small number of promotional copies were also secured by hardcore fans. These were exactly the same as the main release only that they featured a classic-looking pink 'Promotional Copy' sticker on the front.

The names of Film Festival Edition owners in the final film credits.

Live From The Astroturf Film Festival Edition 12" Vinyl Album

2019, Good Records, GRR 50

And here is my copy of the Film Festival Edition (#30). As with all of the Confetti designs, the vinyl disc is totally unique and nicely compliments my National Edition variant (see comparison image below).


Discogs Link: Click Here 

Live From The Astroturf Literal Edition

In January 2020, a final 12" version of Live From The Astroturf was offered to hardcore fans only. Limited to just 18 individually numbered copies and entitled the 'Literal Edition', it did just that, as it came bundled with two 12" x 12" sections of the hallowed pink astroturf carpet that adorned the Good Records stage that fateful night in 2015. This release, therefore, became a highly desirable, not to mention insanely cool, collectable.   


Sandwiched between the astroturf was the translucent Clear disc from the National Edition (above) but provided with the same alternative labels as used in the Film Festival Edition (also above) and housed in a simple bespoke brown card sleeve.


Also included was a Dallas International Film Festival ticket, two obi strips, spare vinyl labels, poster (from the original release), temporary tattoo, Good Records 'Diploma' and double-sided card featuring credits and a special testimonial from Associate Producer, Dallas celebrity, and owner of 14 Records, Bucks Burnett who confidently states that "this is the one to own... it's got the DNA, baby". The Diploma proudly states 'I saw Alice Cooper at Good Records" (I wish) and is a near-perfect replica of the 'I saw Alice Cooper at Hollywood Bowl' diploma from 1972 (see image below).   


The contents were packed in a clear plastic case, housed inside a sturdy box (both featuring Love It To Death and Muscle Of Love inspired artwork).


A very small number of promotional copies were also secured by hardcore fans. These were exactly the same as the main release only that they featured a classic-looking pink 'Promotional Copy' sticker on the front and Transparent Pink disc, again from the National Edition (above).

Live From The Astroturf Literal Edition 12" Vinyl Album

2020, Good Records, GRR 50

Here is my Literal Edition (#10) in all its splendour. Although some fans have understandably decided to keep their copies sealed, I simply couldn't resist carefully opening it up and enjoying the contents within (even astroturf needs sunlight right?). And I have no regrets, some things are just too good to keep in a box as the images below will testify.  


This really is a heroic package and the ultimate copy of the most iconic Alice Cooper release of the 21st century. This will never be beaten, EVER!


Discogs Link: Click Here

Live From The Astroturf 12" (All Different Variants)

Live From The Astroturf Reel-To-Reel Edition

In February 2020, a retro Reel-To-Reel Edition of Live From The Astroturf was offered to hardcore fans only. Limited to just 18 individually numbered copies it came packaged in custom outer and inner boxes, the latter of which being extremely stylish and in keeping with the above previous releases.  


Also included was a temporary tattoo, pink and black balloon and double-sided card featuring credits and a photo of the surviving members of the Alice Cooper Group at the Live From The Astroturf motion picture premiere in Phoenix in 2019. The reel was, of course, hot pink!


A very small number of promotional copies were also secured by hardcore fans. These were exactly the same as the main release only that they featured a classic-looking pink 'Promotional Copy' sticker on the front.

Michael Sorg's Promotional Copy

Live From The Astroturf Reel To Reel Edition

2020, Good Records, GRR 50

Here is my Reel To Reel Edition (#18, which obviously is a special number for Alice Cooper fans). Like some of the other special edition releases in this range, although some fans have understandably decided to keep their copies sealed, I again couldn't resist carefully opening it up to both enjoy and document the contents. Unfortunately, I don't have a reel to reel player so have left the media in its protective packaging.


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Live From The Astroturf Motion Picture Slipmat


These extremely cool slipmats were limited to 100 units and featured the artwork used in the Film Festival Edition 12" release (above). Although an alternative design was provided with the Good Records Edition 12" (also above) this is better and will be a permanent addition to my record player.


They look especially neat when the Film Festival Edition is placed on top! 

Live From The Astroturf 12" Cookies

Following the success of the 7" cookies that my wife Sarah-Jane made in 2017, we felt duty-bound to do a 12" equivalent to celebrate the UK premiere of the Live From The Astroturf motion picture in London on 09th October 2019. This time round Sarah-Jane really went to town, by faithfully replicating many of the numerous variants that were produced. These included the Confetti, Willy Wonka and even some of the Random Mix Splatter variants. Each cookie was adorned with Movie Edition edible labels and they went down a storm at the movie premiere!    

For the Live From The Astroturf motion picture Click Here.