From The Inside Era

From The Inside CD Album

1990, Warner Brothers, 7599-26064-2

This European CD version of From The Inside comes in a jewel case and features a 12-page booklet containing track listings, lyrics and credits.

From The Inside 'Mini LP' SHM CD Album

2011, Warner Brothers, WPCR-14310

This Japanese Mini LP is a provides near flawless replication of the original vinyl album (below) complete with opening front cover and rear doors and Alice hiding away in the 'Quiet Room'.  Also included are the 2 original hype stickers used to seal the front cover.

NOTE: A further CD copy of this album is included in 'The Studio Albums 1969-1983' boxset and can be seen here.

From The Inside 12" Vinyl Album

1978, Warner Bros, K56577

After the conservative offerings of Welcome To My Nightmare, Goes To Hell and Lace And Whiskey, the vinyl release of From The Inside saw a welcome return to the more elaborate style packaging of the original Alice Cooper Group albums.  This time fans were treated to a large image of Alice in full make-up on the front, with the cover opening from the centre to reveal a room full of Alice's fellow patients in the New York sanitarium (where he spent several months in 1977).  Alice is nowhere to be seen, but his location is quickly revealed when you open a further door to the 'Quiet Room', where he is cowering away.


The inner sleeve can be accessed by sliding it out from either side.  This includes the above mentioned image of Alice on one side plus track listings, lyrics and credits.  On the other side is a victorious image of Alice and chums being released from the sanitarium.  This image is also seen when you open a pair of doors on the back cover (these doors contain further credits on the inside).


This UK version is an iconic release and probably the best packaging of any solo Alice Cooper release.  An essential part of any collection! 

From The Inside, 12" Vinyl Album

2014, Music On Vinyl, MOVLP974

This European 180 gram vinyl re-issue faithfully recreates much of the packaging of the original 1978 release with the central opening front cover retained.  Unfortunately, the doors on the back do not open, nor does the door to the 'Quiet Room' inside.  This is a shame as it means that the images on the record cover are not used as they were originally intented.


Still, it's good to have the album on 180 gram format for playing purposes.

From The Inside, 12" Vinyl Album

2018, Music On Vinyl, MOVLP974

Following similar releases for Trash and Hey Stoopid in 2017, Music On Vinyl produced this re-issue of From The Inside in 2018.  As before, this is also limited to 1,500 individually stamped copies (of which this is #0923).


Unlike the other 2 albums mentioned above, this European album had previously been released by Music On Vinyl (see above) and is exactly the same with the notable exception of the beautiful translucent green and white 180g vinyl disc. Unfortunately, that still means that the doors on the back do not open, nor does the door to the 'Quiet Room' inside.  Still, when the vinyl looks this good then you can forgive these ommissions!

From The Inside, 12" Vinyl Album

2018, Rhino Entertainment, RCV1 3263

This 140 gram European vinyl re-issue of From The Inside features an ellaborate gatefold sleeve design (which closely resembles the original release, above) and a nice translucent 'Green / Black Swirl' vinyl.  The disc features cream Warner Brothers labels and was limited to 5,000 copies worldwide.


It was released as part of the 2018 'Rocktober' event along with re-issues of Goes To Hell and Lace And Whiskey.  Bizarrely, this was released within a few days of the above re-issue of the same album by Music On Vinyl.  This is probably the better version though, as the doors at the back open, as does the door to the 'Quiet Room' inside.  That said, I prefer the colour of the Music On Vinyl version so both copies are just about worth having. 

How You Gonna See Me Now 7" Vinyl Single

1978, Warner Brothers, WB 17.270

This Holland 7" vinyl single features cream Warner Brothers labels, comes in a paper sleeve and includes How You Gonna See Me Now on Side A (from the From The Inside album) and No Tricks on Side B.  No Tricks is a non-album track featuring USA soul singer Betty Wright and can also now be found in The Life And Crimes Of Alice Cooper box set. 


The sleeve has a reflective-looking image of Alice on the front, whereas on the back is promotional material for the From The Inside album.

From The Inside Promotional 7" Vinyl Single

1978, Warner Brothers, WBS 8760

This USA promotional 7" vinyl single features white Warner Brothers labels,  a Warner / Reprise paper sleeve, and includes Mono and Stereo versions of From The Inside (Edit) on Sides A and B respectively.  This was a common feature of promotional singles at the time, as it enabled radio stations to play songs on both AM (Mono) and FM (Stereo) stations.


The track is listed as an 'Edit' because it is both shorter (3:30 compared to 3:55) and features a more prominent guitar backing than the album version.

From The Inside 7" Vinyl Single

1978, Warner Brothers, WBS 8760

This USA 7" vinyl single features cream Warner Brothers labels, a Warner Brothers paper sleeve, and includes From The Inside (Edit) on Side A and Nurse Rozetta on Side B (both from the From The Inside album).

Certificate Of Insanity (1978)

This cool card Certificate Of Insanity was given away for a limited period with the original vinyl release of the album and also featured in the press packs for the album.  The certificate (issued by the 'Alice Cooper School For The Hopelessly Insane) features a stamped autograph, a gold embossed logo and space to write your own name as the patient.


These are quite rare in this unused and mint condition.

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