The Breadcrumbs Era

The Breadcrumbs is an EP released in September 2019 featuring 4 covers, a remake of a previous Alice Cooper solo track and an all-new song.  It was physically released only as a 10" vinyl (at least initially) but was also made available as a digital download (fans who purchased the vinyl were also able to download the content for free from the Ear Music website).  


The 6 tracks included are:


1. Detroit City 2020 (a remake of the track Detroit City from 2003's The   Eyes Of Alice Cooper album);


2. Go Man Go (all-new song);


3. East Side Story (a Bob Seager cover);


4. Your Mama Won't Like Me (a Suzi Quatro cover);


5. Devil With A Blue Dress On / Chains Of Love (a dual Shorty Long and William Stevenson / J. J. Barnes cover); and


6. Sister Anne (an MC5 cover).


Although seen as an unexpected bonus release by most, some fans were slightly dismayed to see Alice perform yet more covers (having also done so with the Hollywood Vampires project and his Raise The Dead Tour) rather than release all-new solo or Alice Cooper Group material.  However, all the covers feature Alice's usual personal twist and are presented in stripped down garage rock style, similar to that used on The Eyes Of Alice Cooper.


Speaking of that album, Detroit City 2020 sees Alice revisit the song of the same name from 16 years earlier.  Whilst this is a good new version, I have to say that I prefer the original as it's chorus was really catchy.


The all new track, Go Man Go, is a punky affair, with plenty of attitude, and it will be interesting to see if this is an indication of the path Alice takes on his next studio album (due in 2020).   

The Breadcrumbs 10" Promotional Vinyl EP

2019, Ear Music, 0214216EMU

This promotional vinyl copy of The Breadcrumbs is exactly the same as the main release (below) only that it states 'Promo' on the back where the individual copy number would be found.

The Breadcrumbs 10" Vinyl EP

2019, Ear Music, 0214216EMU

This European 10" vinyl EP comes in a simple card sleeve featuring a close-up drawing of Alice, complete with classic make-up, on the front.  On the rear of the sleeve are track listings and credits.  The inner sleeve contains similar artwork to the front in alternate red and black print.  Inside is a black vinyl disc featuring white Ear Music labels.


This release was limited to 20,000 individually numbered units worldwide, with a hype sticker on the front communicating this point.  The unique number is printed on the rear of the sleeve and mine is #12,688.


Also provided is a small inlay card that promotes some previous Ear Music Alice Cooper / Hollywood Vampires releases and also advises fans to 'watch out for the new Alice Cooper album in 2020'!  

The Breadcrumbs CD EP

2019, Ear Music / Ward Records, GQCS-90800 

A few months after the vinyl EP was released came this exclusive Japanese CD, which comes in a clear jewel case featuring an Obi strip.


Unlike many other Japanese releases, nothing notable is provided (no bonus tracks sadly).  A small black and white booklet containing only Japanese text and an image of Alice is included, with the colour inlay being just a 2-sided piece of card featuring artwork taken from the vinyl release.


Although good to have on CD, there is nothing essential here to really justify spending the money on it.