Stage Props

Severed Head

This cool custom severed head is not actually a stage prop, but is understood to have been created using the first ever cast of Alice's face, which was made in 1972. This was subsequently used in the production of the severed head that appeared in the guillotine act of the 1973 Billion Dollar Babies tour (see images below). Alice's previous executions had been performed the electric chair (Love It To Death era) and the gallows (Killer and School's Out era).


The head is nicely detailed with snake-eye makeup, faux facial hair and internal features on the base of the neck. 

Stage-Used Cane

I was lucky enough to get this cane at Alice's November 2007 concert at the Bournemouth International Centre. I got to the gig well in advance of the door opening time and therefore managed to get to the front row.  


I recall being particularly vocal that night, singing my heart out to the whole set. Alice clearly appreciated this as he handed me the cane (during his performance of School's Out) rather than toss it randomly into the crowd, like he often does.  


For this reason, it's probably the most prized item in my collection, despite having no actual worth (it's just a cheap wooden cane). I wouldn't sell it for ANY money.

Stage-Used 'Dirty Diamonds'

I caught this 'Dirty Diamond' necklace at Alice's July 2008 show at Southampton Civic Centre. Obviously, this was flung by Alice during his performance of the song Dirty Diamonds. Again, it's a worthless item but priceless to me!


This concert became infamous due to a fairly irate one-legged man!

Stage-Used Guitar Picks

These are guitar picks that I've caught at various shows over the years. Two of them are identical from Jason Hook and the others from Chuck Garric, Eric Singer (unusual as he is a drummer), Tommy Henriksen and Ryan Roxie.

Green Cooper Dollars (1996 Series)

These single-sided Alice Cooper $100 bills (also known as 'Cooper Dollars') have been caught by me at various concerts. This is with the exception of the two signed ones, the first of which was personally signed by Alice at the Bournemouth International Centre, UK, in November 2005. The other one was obtained from a member of Alice's tour crew.


The four stage-used Cooper Dollars all have piercings from when they were spiked through Alice's sword.


All six Cooper Dollars feature the same Dragontown era image of Alice on the front, but there are various subtle variations present (such as serial numbers and signatures for the 'Treasurer' and 'Secretary'). However, they are all stated as being from 'Series 1996'.

Green Cooper Dollar (1990 Series)

This bill was purchased from a fellow collector and has a sword piercing mark. This one states that it is from the '1990 Series' but the image of Alice is actually from the Brutal Planet era (i.e. 2000 onwards).

Front View

Orange Cooper Collars (1996 Series)

These special orange Halloween Cooper Dollars were caught at the Plymouth Pavilions, UK, concert on 29th October 2015. They are all stated as being from 'Series 1996'. 

Stage-Used School's Out Balloon


This is a popped giant balloon from a 2008 performance of School's Out.

Stage-Used Hollywood Vampires School's Out Balloon


Similar to the above, Alice also pops giant balloons during his performances of School's Out with The Hollywood Vampires. This red one was collected off the ground after the show at London's Wembley Arena in June 2018. 

Stage-Used School's Out Balloon and Confetti


This is a popped giant balloon from a 2019 performance of School's Out. It is different to the balloons usually used by Alice, as this one has the sinister looking baby on it that appeared on stage during the show. Also scooped up that night is some confetti, which blasts out at the end of the same song.

USA Flag Shirt

This USA flag shirt is from Alice's wardrobe and is hand signed by the man himself (it also appears to feature some make-up smears). The same style of shirt has been used on numerous occasions in the past, this includes Alice's appearance in the 2011 Classic Rock Welcome 2 My Nightmare Fan Pack magazine and when Alice took part in the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge in August 2014 (during one of his Raise The Dead shows, in Virginia Beach).


I do not believe that this particular shirt has ever been used by Alice, the reason for this is that it doesn't feature any of the trademark custom rips that you would expect to see in a stage worn version. It is more likely, therefore, that it is simply a leftover reserve shirt.


Note: The white sleeves are tucked in on the photos below.  

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