Versierschijf Volume 1 12" Vinyl

1974, Scandecor

Versierschijf is an intriguing unofficial Dutch 12" vinyl release featuring a biography on Side A and a post Alice Cooper Group break-up interview with Alice only on Side B.


What makes this release special is the exquisite artwork, comprising an image of Alice's face alongside a snake and bunny rabbit(!) on both the front of the sleeve and the oversize vinyl labels.  In fact, such is the beauty of this package, it was seen by the manufacturer as a piece of art as much as a meaningful audio release.  This is evidenced by the fact that copies also came provided with a large fold-out poster containing the same artwork and also because some copies came with a prefabrigated hole punched into the top of the vinyl disc, enabling it to be attached to your ceiling like a hanging mobile.  My copy sadly does not still have the poster and also does not feature the prefabrigated hole in the disc.


Because the vinyl disc features such large labels the audio content is much shorter than you would expect, with both Sides A and B coming in at less than 5 minutes each.  The biography on Side A is also entirely in Dutch so there is little value in the material unless you are fluent in that language (it appears to cover the history of the Alice Cooper Group up to and including Billion Dollar Babies though).  The interview on Side B obviously has Alice talking in English and hears him speaking about the purpose of Alice Cooper and his approach to writing lyrics.


On the back of the sleeve is promotional material for Alice Cooper Group albums and what appears to be more biographical information in Dutch. 

Snakes And Dead Babies CD

1991, Baktabak, CBAK 4037

This CD comes in a jewel case and features an excellent, if slightly rough sounding,  32 minute interview.  No details (e.g. location, date or interviewer) are provided, however, it was clearly recorded in England during the Constrictor era.  Furthermore, Alice reveals his age as 38 so it must have been recorded in 1986 or early 1987.  There is no booklet included with this CD.


This is an excellent interview, the interviewer is suitable creepy sounding and asks some very pertinent questions which Alice seems to really engage with.  The subjects discussed include:


> The reasons why Alice took a break prior to the Constrictor comeback;

> His thoughts on playng Alice after his comeback;

> The transformation into Alice before a show (including pre-show rituals);

> What Alice got up to during his break from music;

> The impact of alcohol on his life;

> Splatter movies;

> Attempts to censor rock and roll;

> Future career in the movies;

> Rock and roll demographics;

> Touring v recording;

> Social impact of his music;

> The Nightmare Returns Tour; and

> School's Out.


The interview is notable due to the rare use by Alice of a swear word.  It's also interesting to hear him say that, at 38, his has "some years left in rock and roll".

Interview 12" Picture Vinyl

1985, Baktabak, BAK 2059

This 12" picture disc comes in a generic card sleeve and features the same interview as the above CD.  On Side 1 is a picture of Alice with a Jason Vorrhees hockey mask and on Side 2 is a picture of Alice, with snake around neck and full make-up, laughing.  On the back of the sleeve are details of all the other interviews released in the series by Baktabak.

Press Conference 1987 CD

1987, ALICE 10 CD

This CD (one of 1,000 produced) comes in a slimline case and contains rough audio from a press conference held at the Grand Hotel, Sweden in 1987. There is about 20 minutes of footage here with Alice discussing the following:


> The influence (or lack of it) of the stage show on people in real life;

> Song content on The Nightmare Returns tour;

> The harder sound of classic Alice Cooper songs played on the tour;

> The influence of splatter movies on his work;

> His recently overcome addiction to alcohol;

> Disco music in the charts;

> His physical condition;

> The upcoming final show (in Reading) of The Nightmare Returns show;

> The weighting towards music (75%) over theatrics (25%);

> Alice as an alternate personality;

> Attempts to censor rock and roll; and

> Leaving Alice on stage after a show.

Press Conference 10" Vinyl

1987, ALICE 10

This a vinyl version of the above CD is understood to be limited to 1,000 copies and comes on an opaque red 10" disc.

Press Conference 12" Vinyl

1987, Alice 12

This 12" version of the above CD and vinyl is understood to be limited to 500 copies and comes on a nice translucent red disc.  It also features a single-sided 'Alice Cooper' cover.

Press Conference 12" Vinyl

1987, Alice 12

This further 12" version of the above release comes on a very cool translucent snakeskin green disc and again features a single-sided cover. This is understood to be very rare with possibly only 100 copies produced.

Press Conference 10" Vinyl


This 10" picture vinyl is from the same 1987 Press Conference from Sweden as the above 4 releases.  This version, however, features about 10 minutes more audio and includes Alice talking about the following:


> His relationship with Frank Zappa;

> Screamin Jay Hawkins and Arthur Brown;

> What he would be doing if he wasn't a rock star;

> The postential continued existence of Alice over many generations;

> The rumour that his birthday was on Christmas Day 1943 or 1945 (rather than 04/02/48);

> If he'll still be performing in 15 years and if people will only go for nostalgic reasons;

> His belief that his current band can run rings around the original band; and

> Prince Of Darkness and the single release of Freedom (his retort to the PMRC).

The Conversation Disc Series CD

1987, ABCD 025

This CD (one of 2,500 produced) comes in a jewel case and contains a series of rough audio extracts from around the same time as the above interview CD / LP (e.g. just before the Reading festival).  There is about 40 minutes of footage with Alice discussing the following:


> Influences on the songs Gail and Roses On White Lace;

> The heavier sound of Raise Your Fist And Yell compared to Constrictor;

> The song Prince Of Darkness and his and Kane Robert's roles in the film of the same name;

> The end of the The Nightmare Returns tour and beginning of The Raise Your Fist And Yell tour;

> Attempts to censor the shows;

> The snake walking map of Ottawa;

> Influences on the song Freedom;

> Madonna;

> Dealing with addictions;

> His love of hotrod cars;

> Playing Alice after alcohol:

> Transforming into Alice;

> People's perceptions of Alice;

> Captain Hook, Jason Voorhees and Michael Myers;

> Special effects and stage props on The Nightmare Returns tour; and

> Skydiving and fairground rides.


A very simple booklet is contained, inside this features the cover photo in black and white plus some information on how to look after your CD!

The Chris Tetley Interviews, Alice Cooper Vinyl

1987, ABCD, 025

This nice picture record includes 30 minutes of extracts from interviews held between Chris Tetley and Alice in the 80's.  Chris Tetley was best known as a DJ on the infamous Radio Caroline, he also worked for many years on local radio in the Manchester area.  He died in 2005, aged 62.


Although the images on both sides of the vinyl are from The Nightmare Returns tour, the interviews included took place in Manchester in both 1982 and 1986.  It therefore contains some rare topics of conversation, rather than some of the more generic items that we've got used to hearing over the years. 


Another notable (and not very good) aspect of this release is that the conversations appear to have been artificially sped-up.  This is presumably so they could fit all the material onto the disc but results in them both sounding rather like chipmunks.  I have to admit though, that I initially thought it was just how Alice sounded during his, ahem, experimental period in the early 80's.  


The disc contains the following:


> Very brief biography of Alice Cooper;


1982 Interview


> Alice's continued relationship with kids;

> Similarities between Manchester and Detroit;

> Angel the snake;

> Alice the stage persona and Alice the off-stage persona;

> How rock fails to look good on TV; and

> The song Dead babies.


1986 Interview (longer interview)


> Alice again compares Manchester to Detroit;

> Chris Tetley states that the concert last night was "the best he'd every seen";

> Chuck Berry;

> How Alice comes across better live than on record;

> The stage set-up of The Nightmare Returns tour (Alice's home);

> Alice's love for babies but hatred for dolls;

> Sheryl and her replacement on-stage dancer (Sly);

> How Calico (5) and Dashiel (1-and-a-half) view their dad when he's on TV;

> The death of Angel the snake (during mating) and her replacement 'Mistress';

> Alice's special permanant UK snake pass;

> Alice's relationship with Bob Ezrin;

> Michael Wagner's work on Constrictor;

> The follow-up album to Constrictor;

> The album Dada (which Tetley describes as "amazing");

> Ronald Reagan and other American presidents;

> Alice's relationship with Dee Snider and the song Be Chrool To Your Scuel;

> The negative impact of video on rock music;

> The video Alice in Paris;

> The current touring band line-up; and

> The remanining legs of the current tour (Alice proudly announces he's banned in Russia).

Interview 12" Picture Vinyl

1989, Tell Tales, TTS 1015

This disc was released in 1989 and features about 20 minutes of material from a one-on-one interview between Alice and an unknown interviewer in London.


3 different versions of this disc were released including this bat-shape one, a saw blade version and a standard round 12" (the content is the same on them all though).  The front of the disc features a picture of 'Classic Alice' in concert (during the Raise Your Fist And Yell Tour) whereas the rear has a picture of Alice in concert from the Special Forces tour of 1981/2).


The disc contains the following:


> How Alice has nothing to do with Satin;

> Insanity in the real world;

> Horror movies;

> The public’s perception of Alice today;

> How he never thinks he will politically or spiritually impact society again;

> How interviews are like therapy sessions to him;

> The image of celebrities in the press;

> The Alice Cooper group’s management of their own PR;

> Plans to reinvent Alice in the future; and

> Keeping in touch with the old band members.

Interview 12" Picture Vinyl

1989, Tell Tales, TTS 1015

This is exactly the same as the above item but is cut into the shape of a saw blade.

Interview 12" Picture Vinyl

1989, Tell Tales, TTS 1015

This is exactly the same as the above item but is a traditional round disc instead.

Alice Cooper Generic Interview CD

2000, Eagle Records

This rather uninspiringly titled CD features Alice providing short (generally about 60 seconds) answers to 14 questions, the majority of which are centred around the Brutal Planet album.  The questions asked can be seen in the inlay image below.  Additionally, the track Blow Me A Kiss is provided in full at the end of the CD.