Billion Dollar Babies Era 2

Elected Sheet Music

1973 (Approx), Carlon Music Corp, CA 2117


This eight-page product by UK-based Carlon Music features the printed notes and lyrics to the Elected single. The front cover features the same black-and-white image of the Alice Cooper Group, with Dennis Dunaway hidden inside a trash can, as featured on the School's Out album artwork.

Billion Dollar Babies Replica 1973 Medallion

Bermagot Brass Works, 2011


This nice medallion is a replica of the extremely rare gold coloured item from 1973 that was handed out to members of the Alice Cooper 'family' (e.g. the band, crew members and promoters etc). It is thought that only about 50 were originally made.


The silver replicas were sold for a short period (about 2 weeks) in 2011 and have themselves become quite sought after.

Billion Dollar Babies Coin



This Billion Dollar Babies themed 'gold' coin was sold on the official Alice Cooper EU store and features the Billon Dollar Baby logo from the original album release (above) on the front and a dollar-shaped snake on the back.

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