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Live At The Whisky A-Go-Go 1969 CD Album

1992, Edsel Records, NESTCD 903

The Alice Cooper live story begins with this excellent (but unofficial) live album that was first released in 1992 and features the Alice Cooper Group performing 8 live tracks at the iconic Whisky A-Go-Go club in Hollywood, Los Angeles. Typically for an unofficial release, the year of the recording is wrong, and it is understood that this was actually recorded in July 1968 and not 1969 (e.g. before their first album, Pretties For You, was released).  


Included here are 7 songs that went on to appear on Pretties For You plus Nobody Likes Me, which was a regular live track but was never included on any of the Group's albums. The recordings are crisp and clear and Alice is in good form, interacting with the audience on several occasions.


This CD version comes in a jewel case and features a basic folded inlay which includes an entertaining foreword by Miss Pamela of the GTOs (which is a good thing, as that's pretty much all you get).   


The eagle-eyed observer will note that the club's sign on the cover has a 'Y' missing. According to the liner notes, this is because:


In the late 1960's, the Department for Alcoholic Beverage Control deemed it illegal to "Advertise" an achoholic beverage by including it on a club marquee. Rather than change the name of his venue, owner Elmer Valentine opted to break the "y" off the neon, thus reflected in the cover art of this package.

Live At The Whisky A-Go-Go 1969 12" Vinyl Album

1992, Edsel Records, NEST 903

This vinyl version was released at the same time as the above CD and features a very basic sleeve design and black vinyl disc.  The inlay material from the CD version is not present (well, at least not inside my copy), which is a shame.

Live At The Whisky A-Go-Go 1969 12" Vinyl Album

2015, Manifesto Records, MFO 45601

This welcome, but no-frills, vinyl re-issue of Live At Whisky A-Go-Go 1969 comes in a simple card sleeve.  Other than that, all you get is the track listings and credits on the back, plus the foreword by Miss Pamela has been moved from the CD's inlay to the rear of the sleeve.  


The sticker on the front is misleading, as this is not the first time it has been released on vinyl (a pressing was also make in 1992, at the same time as the above CD).

Alice Cooper CD Album

Unknown Year, Object Enterprises, ONN 52

This somewhat mysterious looking unofficial release features the Alice Cooper Group's performance at the 1969 Toronto Rock N Roll Revival (made famous for 'the chicken incident').


Sadly, the release is notable for the wrong reasons as 2 of the 8 tracks provided (Ain't That Just Like A Woman and Goin' To The River) aren't actually Alice Cooper tracks, they instead belong to Canadian rocker Ronnie Hawkins.  To make matters worse the other 6 tracks aren't correctly titled and bear no relation to the correct names, which are as follows:


1. No Longer Umpire (from Pretties For You);

2. Lay Down And Die, Goodbye (from Easy Action);

3. Don't Blow Your Mind (The Spiders);

4. Nobody Likes Me; and

5. Fields Of Regrets (From Pretties For You).


Putting the above aside, the recording quality is reasonable and it allows us to hear the Alice Cooper Group towards the start of their journey to becoming the greatest rock band on the planet.


The release comes in a simple jewel case and features a very basic folded paper inlay containing track listing and credits.

Legends Alice Cooper CD Album

1994, Wisepack, LECD 085

This release is one of many different versions available of the above recording from the 1969 Toronto Rock N Roll Revival show.  It also includes the same incorrect track titles.


As with the above version, this is a very basic release and comes in a jewel case with just a paper insert.

Nobody Like Me CD Album

Unknown Year, Success, 2157CD

This is a further release of the above recording from the 1969 Toronto Rock N Roll Revival show.  It also includes the same incorrect track titles.


As with the above versions, this is a very basic release and comes in a jewel case with just a paper insert.

The Alice Cooper Group, Nobody Likes Us CD Album

2012, Applebush, CPSSPCD006

This further version of the above recording from the 1969 Toronto Rock N Roll Revival show is definitely the one to have.  This is because it has the correct track names, features better quality audio and also contains a further 8 tracks recorded in San Francisco during the same year.  


It comes in a nice digi-pack which features images of Alice Cooper Group collector cards. Some copies are even known to have come with faux chicken feathers stuffed inside the sleeve (sadly mine did not)!

Live On Air 12" Vinyl Album

2017, Laser Media, LM500

This rather random unofficial vinyl album features a basic card sleeve and includes 8 live tracks performed between 1971 (Under My Wheels and I'm Eighteen) to 1992 (The Black Widow).  No details are provided on what shows the recordings are from.


The vinyl itself is a thing of beauty, looking a bit like a piece of candy due to its opaque red, white and blue marble effect design.

Broadcast Collection 1971-1995

2017, Soundstage, SS8CDBOX5

This fairly decent unofficial 8 CD boxset features 7 different Alice Cooper Group and solo live shows between 1971 and 1995 that were previously broadcast either on radio or TV, many of which have already featured in other Alice Cooper live releases:


1. The Rooster Tail, Detroit, Mi March 1st 1971 WRIS-FM;


2. LA Forum, Los Angeles June 17th 1975 King Biscuit Flower Hour # *;


3. Wendler Arena, Saginaw May 10th 1978 King Biscuit Flower Hour * $;


4. San Diego Sports Arena, San Diego, Ca April 9th 1979 King Biscuit Flower Hour *


5. El Paso County Coliseum, Texas June 4th 1980 Broadcast 25th October 1980 On The ABC Network £;


6. Cincinnati Gardens, Ohio March 6th 1987 Broadcast By Nbc Radio Entertainment; and 


7. Monsters Of Rock, Teatro Monumental, Santiago, Chile September 7th 1995 Via X TV Broadcast.


# Also featured in the previous Alone In His Nightmare release (below)

* Also featured in the previous Transmission Impossible release (below)

$ Also featured in the previous Slicker Than A Weasel release (below)

£ Also featured in the previous El Paso County Coliseum release (below)


Each CD comes in its own card sleeve, with them all stored in a solid box complete with nice 20-page colour booklet featuring a variety of photos and archive press articles about Alice.  


As is often the case for onofficial releases, a school boy error is present on the back of CD 8, as it contains the track listings for CD 4!  Also, the image of Alice on the front of CD 8 doesn't fit the period that the show is from (i.e. it's from the Dirty Diamonds, rather than The Last Temptation, era).    


As you would expect from previously broadcast material, the recording quality of all the shows is pretty good.  The only exception is the 1971 show, which is pretty ropey (but then it is nearly 50 years old).


Despite the fact that most of this material has been released before, the low price point of this set (about £20) and the nice overall presentation means that it's well worth purchasing as you get the chance to hear some deep cuts (like Sun Arise, You And Me, The Quiet Room, Nuclear Infected, The World Needs Guts and Cleansed By Fire).  Also, the El Paso show includes a number of short interviews with Alice that formed part of the original broadcast.  A few other small bonuses are included on some of the other discs, but they aren't anything to get too excited about.

Mar Y Sol CD Album

2017, Applebush, CPSSPCD008

This unofficial release features the Alice Cooper Group's radio broadcast performance at the Mar Y Sol Pop Festival in Puerto Rico on 02nd April 1972.  This is essentially the same show as that provided on the 'Killer In St. Louis' vinyl and CD in the Old School Boxset (although obviously from a different show), but it is good to have another version to listen to.  The recording quality is good and the Group obviously put on a great show as always.


This CD version comes in a mini LP gatefold design and includes an interesting foreword by Steve Pitt of Dirter Promotions on the inside.  Also provided is a small bookletfeaturing some images from the era and credits.

Mar Y Sol 12" Vinyl Album

2017, Applebush, CPSSPLP008

This terrific vinyl release of Mar Y Sol was limited to 500 copies, comes in a glossy gatefold sleeve and features 2 shiny black vinyl discs.  Inside the gatefold sleeve is a great picture of Alice 'hanging around' and on the back another great one of the Group together, with Glen holding up a superimposed snake.  


A large inlay card contains the same photos and credits as the above CD version.  This is incredibly good for an unofficial release and well worth finding a copy.

Alice Cooper, Billion Dollar Babies Live, 12" Vinyl Album

2019, Rhino, R1 585343

This welcome USA Black Friday Record Store Day 2019 release features the live 1973 Alice Cooper Group concert audio previously provided on the bonus CD of the Remastered & Expanded version of Billion Dollar Babies. Although it is stated on the front as being from 'Houston, Texas', Unfinished Sweet is understood to have been recorded at Dallas (also in Texas) during the same tour (it should therefore have probably just been called 'Texas').   


The audio, provided on a black vinyl disc, is exactly the same as the Billion Dollar Babies CD only that I Love The Dead is about 4 seconds shorter (it appears to have had a tiny part of the mid-track instrumental cut out).


The most notable aspect of this release, however, is the inclusion of a cool additional black 7" disc featuring the previously unreleased tracks School's Out and Under My Wheels (which are again likely to be from either the Dallas or Houston shows). 


This was limited to 6,000 copies, which was a fairly generous run compared to some other recent releases. The simple card sleeve is a bit of a let down compared to some previous Record Store Day releases, but is notable in that it attempts to mimic the iconic Live From The Astroturf LP (released on the previous Black Friday Record Store Day) by featuring a snakeskin motif within the slot where the vinyl disc goes in.

Good To See You Again, Alice Cooper DVD

2005, Eagle Vision, EREDV502

Good To See You Again is a lavish film produced around the Billion Dollar Babies tour of 1973.  With the Alice Cooper Group at the height of their creative and commercial powers, no production was too daring or costly, with the result being an epic fusion of cinema and live music.


Initially released only in theatres, it took over 30 years for it to see the light of day as an official home release.  To be fair, it shows its age somewhat, and some of the acting is rather ropey, but nobody can deny the quality of the live music on offer.  The DVD also comes with a host of extra features including commentary by Alice, trailers, deleted scenes and outtakes.


One further point of note is that Michael Bruce is, quite unforgivably, removed from the original image used on the front cover (see image below). This was not the first time though, as he was also masked out of the same image (by a hype graphic) in the 1973 Dutch 7" release of Halo Of Flies.


Despite the above issue, this is iconic, essential, and amusing release. 

Welcome To My Nightmare DVD

1999, Eagle Vision, EREDV130 

Alice's successful debut solo album, Welcome To My Nightmare, was subject to a highly creative concert film of the same name in 1975.  


Filmed in London, viewers are treated to an extravaganza that established Alice as a star in his own right, with highlights being the presentation of songs like Welcome To My Nightmare, Some Folks, Devil's Food / The Black Widow, Steven and, of course, Escape (which features the famous 'magic screen').   

Welcome To My Nightmare Special Edition DVD

2017, Eagle Vision, EREDV1283

In 1975, a TV special called 'The Nightmare' aired on USA channel ABC. Starring Alice as Steven and Vincent Price as 'The Spirit', The Nightmare was a full blown concept film that featured alternative (and out-of-sequence) versions of every track from the Welcome To My Nightmare album plus Ballad Of Dwight Fry (from the Love It To Death album).  A number of interludes add further context to Steven's nightmare and help tie the storyline together well. 


Also included in this spectacular release is the Welcome To My Nightmare concert film (see above), making this utterly essential to have.  The only sour point though is that the excellent version of Department Of Youth is inexplicably removed from this version (it listed on the back cover though).

Alone In His Nightmare CD Album

2011, Smokin', SMCD903

This CD features a recording of Alice's Welcome To My Nightmare tour show at Great Western Forum, Los Angeles on 18th June 1975.  The recording, which was originally made for a live radio broadcast on the 'King Biscuit Flower Hour' show, is of good quality and this means we get to hear Alice on top form as he performs the tracks from his stellar new album.  


Included inside is a basic paper booklet featuring a background on Welcome To My Nightmare and the supporting tour.

Alone In His Nightmare 12" Vinyl Album

2013, Back On Black, RCV055LP

This vinyl version of Alone In His Nightmare by Back On Black was a limited ediiton release in 2013 and featured a gatefold design and 2 nice translucent red discs containing the same 20 tracks as the above CD release.  Inside the gatefold design is the same material provided in the the CD version's booklet.


The show translates well to vinyl with the heavyweight discs providing a good crisp sound.

Transmission Impossible CD Album

2015, Eat To The Beat, ETTB053

This CD set features 3 live recordings of concerts that were originally subject to live radio broadcasts on the 'King Biscuit Flower Hour' show.  The shows featured are:


1. Los Angeles 1975 (as featured in the previous Alone In His Nightmare release, above);


2. Saginaw 1978 (as featured in the previous Slicker Than A Weasal release, below); and


3. San Diego 1979.


The recordings are all of good quality and capture Alice as he plays some of his earlier solo-era shows in support of Welcome To My Nightmare, Lace And Whiskey and From The Inside.  Also included, of course, are many hits from the Alice Cooper Group years.

The Alice Cooper Show CD Album

Unknown Year, Warner Brothers, 256 439

This early CD release of The Alice Cooper Show comes in a jewel case and features a small booklet containing track listings, credits, a short biography and some images of the show that the recording was taken from.

The Alice Cooper Show 'Mini LP' SHM CD Album

2011, Warner Brothers, WPCR-14309

This SHM CD faithfully mimics the original vinyl release (below) in minature and includes the inner sleeve complete with scattered credits on it. Just like the original vinyl (below) the material on the rear of the case reads upside down if flipped in the traditional horizontal method. An 'Obi Strip' is also provided (a common feature on Japanese music releases).

The Alice Cooper Show 12" Promotional Vinyl Album

1977, Warner Brothers, K56439

The Alice Cooper Show is a live album which was recorded during 2 specially arranged dates of the 'King Of The Silver Screen' tour at the Aladdin Hotel in Las Vegas in August 1977. It was the first officially released live album featuring either the original Alice Cooper Group or solo Alice (of which this is the latter).


Alice has stated on numerous occasions in the past how much he dislikes this album. The principal reason for this is that it was recorded at a time where his alcohol abuse was particularly severe and, therefore, that this was not a satisfactory first record of him as a live performer. To make matters worse, the album only features 11 tracks from the setlist, with several criminally shortened to just a few minutes. The end result is not great, but it's still well worth having when you consider that there would be a 20-year wait for the next official live album (i.e. 1997's A Fistful Of Alice).


This USA promotional copy comes in a simple card sleeve featuring a montage of images of the live show on both the front and back. Interestingly, the sleeve needs to be flipped at the top otherwise the rear side reads upside down. Also provided on the rear of the sleeve are track listings and credits. The black inner sleeve features scattered credits and a small black and white photo on either side.


As this is a promotional copy, it includes an additional pink Warner Brothers 'PROMOTIONAL COPY NOT FOR SALE' sticker on the front. The disc features Palm Tree Warner Brothers labels, which are identical to USA stock copies (i.e. the sticker on the front is the only way to differentiate promotional copies from stock copies).

The Alice Cooper Show 12" Vinyl Album

1977, Warner Brothers, K56439

This UK 1st pressing of The Alice Cooper Show is similar to the USA promotional copy (above) but features reconfigured Palm Tree Warner Brothers labels and is missing the original inner sleeve. Again, the sleeve needs to be flipped at the top otherwise the rear side reads upside down.

The Alice Cooper Show 12" Vinyl Album

Unknown Year, Warner Brothers, K56439

This European re-issue of The Alice Cooper Show was likely to have been produced in the early 80's. It is similar to the above copies but features cream Warner Brothers labels and an additional star logo on the front stating 'RECORDED LIVE ON THE 1977 TOUR'. Again, the sleeve needs to be flipped at the top otherwise the rear side reads upside down.

The Alice Cooper Show 12" Vinyl Album

2013, Friday Music, FRM-3138

This USA 180 gram re-issue of The Alice Cooper Show by Friday Music features an improved gatefold sleeve design, with the material previously used on the inner sleeve transferred to the inside of the gatefold. Unlike previous copies, the artwork on the rear of the sleeve is not printed upside down. The Palm Tree Warner Brothers labels faithfully replicate the original USA release (above) but feature the alternative Friday Music product code.  

Slicker Than A Weasel 12" Vinyl Album

2014, Back On Black, RCV165LP

Slicker Than A Weasel is a live album of a show originally recorded for radio broadcast on the 'King Biscuit Flower Hour' show during the 1978 'School's Out For Summer' tour at the Wendler Arena in Saginaw, Michigan. It later became a popular bootleg release, seeing various unofficial releases over the years.  Whilst still not an official release, this is probably the most polished version available and casual fans could easily be fooled into thinking that it was above board.


This release features a gatefold sleeve including some information on the show and 2 red translucent vinyl discs.

El Paso County Coliseum 1980 CD Album

2016, Zip City, ZCCD040

This interesting (and very unofficial) release features the first date from the Flush The Fashion tour on 04th June 1980 at the El Paso County Coliseum, Texas.  I use the term loosely though as a number of the tracks are actually from the 1977 Alice Cooper Show album (above) and formed part of a radio broadcast.


Most comical of all is a random medlee of Billion Dollar Babies and I Love The Dead, which features the same recording of the first track played either side of the second.  It's really odd and is likely to reflect some bizarre artistic license by the radio broadcaster!  


One thing's for sure is that it certainly results in a unique product.  The sound quality of the El Paso tracks is somewhat average but the positive is that we get to hear some songs from the era that rarely saw the light of day again (these include Grim Facts, Pain, Nuclear Infected, Dance Yourself To Death and Road Rats).    


The release comes in a jewel case and features a very simple booklet containing some images of Alice and a promotional poster for the tour, a sort biography plus track listings and credits.

El Paso County Coliseum 1980 12" Vinyl Album

2017, Parachute, PARA141LP

This vinyl version of the above El Paso show CD comes in a gatefold sleeve and features 2 black vinyls covering the full 20 tracks from the show (1 housed in either end).  It's a fairly basic and unpolished package that is in keeping with the unofficial nature of the release.

The Nightmare Returns DVD

2006, Geffen Records, 0602498576670

This DVD features Alice's triumphant show in Detroit, Michigan on Halloween night of 1986.  Broadcast live on MTV, it gave the world the chance to see a rejuvinated and substance-free Alice deliver a highly theatrical, polished and adrenaline-filled set in support of his recently-released Constrictor album.  


This is an essential addition to anyone's collection and is seen by many as the beginning of Alice's rebirth due to the impact that the screening had on MTV viewers at the time.  Originally released on VHS, this welcome DVD version was released 20 years later and features improved quality and bonus videos for Teenage Frankenstein and Freedom (from the Constrictor and Raise Your Fist And Yell albums respectively).     

Alice Cooper Trashes The World VHS

1990, CMV Enterprises, 490422

After the success of The Nightmare Returns (above), Trashes The World captures Alice's tour in support of his Trash album.  Filmed live at the Birmingham Exhibition Centre, UK across 2 nights in December 1989, this excellent show features an impressive 8 tracks from Trash (only Why Trust You and Hell Is Living Without You are missing) plus memorable presentations of Steven and Gutter Cats vs The Jets.

Alice Cooper Trashes The World DVD

2004, Sony Music, 2023149

This welcome DVD version was released 14 years after the original VHS version (above).  No extras are present but it meant that fans had easy access to an iconic live solo Alice Cooper performance.     

Extended Versions CD Album

2007, Sony BMG Music, A706152

It isn't clear from the packaging but this 'Extended Versions' CD is actually a compilation of live tracks from Sony's Alice Cooper catalogue.  This essentially means recordings from the Trashes The World Tour shows at Birmingham NEC, England in 1989 (2 shows covering consecutive days that were used for the Trashes The World Video) and Cincinnati Gardens, Ohio in 1987 (and not 1990 as indicated in the liner notes).


The track listings, and shows that they were taken from, are as follows:


1. I'm Eighteen (Birmingham)
2. House Of Fire (Birmingham)
3. Bed Of Nails (Birmingham)
4. Poison (Birmingham)
5. Under My Wheels (Cincinnati Gardens) 
6. No More Mr. Nice Guy (Birmingham)
7. Ballad Of Dwight Fry (Cincinnati Gardens)
8. Welcome To My Nightmare (Birmingham)
9. Cold Ethyl (Cincinnati Gardens)
10. School's Out (Birmingham)


The live tracks from the Birmingham shows had not previously been released on CD format which makes this release notable and, therefore, worth picking up.  The tracks from Cincinnati Gardens had all previously been released, as B sides on various Trash era singles.

A Fistful Of Alice Promotional CD Album

1997, Guardian, CDPP 006

This promotional CD comes in a simple case with a 1/2 width inlay.  The track listings are the same as the UK version and the sticker on the back highlights the release date as being 16th June (1997).

A Fistful Of Alice Promotional CD Album

1997, Guardian, 724383308026

A Fistful Of Alice was released in 1997 and was Alice's first official live album since 1977's The Alice Cooper Show (and therefore only the 2nd of his career at the time).  The show was recorded at the Cabo Wabo club in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico in June 1996 and see an out-of-character Alice talking to the crowd and being joined by special guests Slash, Rob Zombie and Sammy Hagar (who owned the Cabo Wabo club).  The cover art features some nice images of a relaxed looking Alice (and his snake) hanging out in the streets.  


This USA promotional CD is somewhat add as it comes with 2 discs, the first of which contains the entire A Fisftful Of Alice album (including the only new studio track, Is Anyone Home?) with the second disc containing, err, Is Anyone Home?  Quite what the point of this is beyond me but I guess this counts as a seperate single release of this song (even though it was never actually released as a promo or full single in any other way).  The second disc even has a seperate number, which is 708761181524.


Other than the double jewel case, and the extra promotional CD, the contents are pretty much identical to the officially released product (see below).  The only real differences are a pink hype sticker on the front cover plus a white promotional banner on the main CD.


It is important to note that the track listings of this album were different depending on what country it was released in.  This version features the following content, which were the standard USA tracks:


1. School's Out;

2. I'm Eighteen;

3. Desperado;

4. Lost In America;

5. Teenage Lament '74;

6. I Never Cry;

7. Poison;

8. Billion Dollar Babies;

9. Welcome To My Nightmare;

10. Only Women Bleed;

11. Feed My Frankenstein;

12. Elected; and

13. Is Anyone Home. 

A Fistful Of Alice CD Album

1997, Guardian Records, 724383308125

This UK CD version of A Fistful Of Alice comes in a jewel case and includes a fold-out booklet featuring some images from the live show, track listings and credits.  Unlike the USA version (above) this features 14 tracks, with Under My Wheels and No More Mr Nice Guy replacing Billion Dollar Babies.

A Fistful Of Alice CD Album

1997, Guardian Records, TOCP-50269

This Japanese CD version of a Fistful Of Alice is nearly identical to the UK edition (above) only that it features an Obi strip and additional fold-out black and white booklet containing track listings and lyrics.


The most notable feature of this version, however, is that it not only includes all 15 tracks from the combined UK and USA versions, but also the rare additional live bonus tracks of Bed Of Nails and Clones (We're All). This 17-track version is therefore the quintessential version to have.  

A Fistful Of Alice 12" Vinyl Album

2010, Friday Music, FRM 33080

This rare USA 180g audiophile vinyl version of A Fistful Of Alice was released in about 2010 and features a gatefold design (including the nice artwork from the CD release) and 2 black discs.


This version features 15 tracks and includes all the tracks that appeared on the USA and UK CD versions above (i.e. you get Under My Wheels, No More Mr Nice Guy and Billion Dollar Babies).

Live At Cabo Wabo '96 CD Album

2005, EMI, 094633499324

A Fistful Of Alice was re-released in 2005 under the title 'Live At Cabo Wabo '96', in reference to the venue that the live show was recorded at.


This version comes in a jewel case and ditches the nice original artwork in favour of more live photos. Other than that, what you get here is exactly the same as the original UK CD release (above).   

Brutally Live DVD

2001, Eagle Vision, EREDV156

Brutally Live features Alice's Brutal Planet show at London Hammersmith Apollo on 19th July 2000.  It was his first live concert released on this format and made use of the new technology by offering viewers an alternative 'Alice Cam' on certain songs (by doing this, you get a view where the camera is fixed on Alice throughout).  Also provided, is a bonus video of Gimme from Brutal Planet, which is one of the last music videos that Alice ever shot and is really quite decent.


The Brutal Planet tour is special for me as it was the first one that I managed to see.  That said, the atmosphere at this show (which wasn't the one I went to by the way) is a little subdued with the crowd not participating as much as I like to see.  Thankfully though, the performance itself was great and it's really good to have this excellent tour captured in such good quality.


The release itself is very basic with a single disc housed in a standard DVD case.  There is no booklet as such, just a simple inlay containing track listings and details of the bonus content.

Brutally Live 'Collectors' Edition' CD / DVD

2003, Eagle Vision, ERDVCD001

This re-release of Brutally Live provides the welcome addition of a CD, which contains audio of all but 5 of the tracks from the DVD (the ones missing being Pick Up The Bones, Dead Babies, Ballad Of Dwight Fry, I Love The Dead and The Black Widow).  


There is no booklet to speak of, only a simple piece of paper which states the track listings of both the DVD and CD.

Brutally Live CD / DVD

2014, Salvo Sound Vision, SALVOSVX022

This re-release of Brutally Live comes in digi-pack format and retains the handy CD / DVD combination of the original Collector's Edition (see above). There's not a lot extra on offer here other than a small booklet containing some background information (written by Frank Daranjo).


As before, the CD does not contain all the songs from the concert with the likes of Pick Up The Bones, Dead Babies and Ballad Of Dwight Fry left out.


Rather subdued audience aside, this remains one of the best Alice tours captured on film and is well worth snapping up if you don't have it already.  It's still a shame that this isn't availble on Blu-Ray though.

Brutally Live CD / DVD

2015, Eagle Records, EAGDV001

This further version of Brutally Live comes in a jewel case and again features both a DVD and CD of the show from London Hammersmith Apollo in July 2000. No booklet is included, instead you get a folded paper inlay containing track listings and credits.  The CD again features ommited tracks.

Brutally Live DVD

2015, Eagle Vision Classics, EVDVD168

This budget version of Brutally Live is close in keeping to the original DVD release of 2001 and features the DVD only (there is no audio CD).  The perspex case features a double-sided insert containing the familiar artwork, setlist and credits.

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