Dragontown Era

Dragontown Promotional CD Album

2001, Eagle Records

This promotional CD features a crude paper sleeve (with poor quality printing) and a blue CD-R.  On the back of the sleeve are tracklistings for the album.  There is no product code provided.

Dragontown CD Album

2001, Eagle Records, EAGCD181

This version of Dragontown comes in a jewel case and features the standard 11 album tracks.  


Also included is a colour booklet which folds outwards and includes some images of Alice, track listings, lyrics and credits.

Dragontown CD Album

2002, Eagle Records, EAGTE181

A year after the release of Dragontown came this additional European 'Limited Tour Edition' release (my 2 copies being #s 08631 and 00437).


The CD and case are the same as the standard version (above).  Also included, however, is a blue tinted slip case and a fold-out poster.

Additionally the CD features the decent bonus track Can't Sleep, Clowns Will Eat Me, the video of Gimme (from Brutal Planet) plus a screensaver.

Dragontown CD Album

2002, Spitfire Records, SPT-15089-2

USA Alice fans were treated to this 'Special Edition' set instead of the Limited Tour Edition (above).  Limited to 7,500 copies, this featured a white slip case with shiny red text and a 2nd bonus CDs instead.


The bonus CD includes the former Brutal Planet bonus track Can't Sleep, Clowns Will Eat Me (ref: 8573839032) (but is described as 'Clowns Will Eat Me'), live versions of Go To Hell and Ballad of Dwight Fry (both from the 2000 Brutally Live concert release) plus a rare, and rather random, remix of Brutal Planet.  Also included on the bonus disc are the videos for Gimme and It's The Little Things (both from Brutal Planet).

Dragontown Cassette Album

2001, Eagle Records, 74321 890444

Dragontown was subject to a release on cassette in Eastern Europe.  This version comes from Ukraine and includes the standard 13 tracks found on the original CD version of the album. 


Interestingly, the album is titled 'Dragontow' on the case so it seems like something got lost in translation!  No reference to the album is made on the cassette itself although a quick play has confirmed that it is indeed DragontowN!

Dragontown Vinyl Album

2011, Night Of The Vinyl Dead, Night 110

Like Brutal Planet, Dragontown was not subject to a vinyl release when it first launched in 2001.  It wasn't until 2011 that Night Of The Vinyl Dead changed this, with this limited-to-500-copies edition (which although not as good as Brutal Planet, is still very cool).


The vinyl comes in a simple card sleeve with 2 oriental themed inner sleeves.  Inside the first are 4 large card posters, featuring blown up images from the original CD booklet, plus a 2-sided paper sheet featuring track listings, lyrics and credits.  Inside the other sleeve is the black vinyl album and a whole is cut out on one side to give a view of the label of Side A.  


The limited edition number is hand-written on the back of the sleeve (this one being #370).  

Dragontown 12" Vinyl Album

2011, Back On Black, RCV059LP

This alternative 180 gram vinyl version of Dragontown by Back On Black features a gatefold design.  On the inside are track listings, lyrics and credits.  Also, as this is the first pressing, it features an opaque orange vinyl disc (with later versions, such as that below, featuring black vinyl instead).

Dragontown 12" Vinyl Album

2011, Back On Black, RCV059LP

This version is the same as the above but features a black vinyl disc.

Dragontown 12" Vinyl Album

2019, eOne, SPT-LP-15200

Dragontown was also subject to a release in the USA as part of Black Friday Record Store Day 2019.  Featuring a gatefold design, and limited to just 1,500 copies, this version features Record Store Day hype stickers, two opaque orange 180 gram discs and a digital download card.


The decision to spread the album onto two seperate discs was somewhat bizarre, as previous releases proved that it comfortably fits on a single disc (even with the addiiton of bonus tracks, which this doesn't have).  This means that you have to play it at 45 RPM speed, which is the traditional speed for 7" vinyl singles.


In summary, this is a fairly decent, but unessential, release. 

NOTE: A further vinyl copy of this album is included in 'Treasures' boxset and can be seen here.

Triggerman Promotional CD Single

2001, Spitfire Records, 15200-2

This promotional CD comes in a jewel case and features 2 versions of Triggerman (remix and album version) plus It's Much Too Late.  Although the 'remix' of Triggerman sounds interesting it is, in fact, simply the album version but without the 40 second instrumental at the end.

It's Much Too Late Promotional CD Single

2001, Playground Music

This very rare Swedish promotional CD single comes in a simple card sleeve and features It's Much Too Late and Fantasy Man (both from the Dragontown album).  The CD is completely blank and there is no product code provided.

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