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Hi and welcome to my Alice Cooper website!


My name is Charles and I've been an Alice Cooper fan since the age of 14, when I listened to the Hey Stoopid album for the first time in 1992.  My only previous experience was the hit single Poison, which my brother used to play non-stop in the late 80's (ironically, I didn't like it that much).

Dennis Dunaway, Alice Cooper and I in Brighton, UK (2019)

I began collecting Alice Cooper memorabilia in the mid 90’s during weekly trips to my local record store in Yeovil, Somerset.  I really stepped up my collection from 2010 onwards, however, by using the near endless resources that the internet has to offer.  


I'm by no means a completist (and don't aspire to be) but do have quite a lot of cool stuff and take great pride in every item I have.  I also am not generally one to just buy something and leave it in it's packaging, so will usually crack open my items to experience fully and take photos of.  


This site (which is continually under development) primarily documents my collection and features blogs and personal reviews of albums and other notable releases.  As time goes by, every item will be featured on this site and I generally focus on something new every week.


This is not, and never will be, the definitive Alice Cooper site, but I'm hoping it will be one of the most liked and informative.  Also, as a comparatively young fan (at the time of writing at least), one of my main aims is to help keep the Alice Cooper legacy alive many years to come.


I first saw Alice perform live in 2000 during the Brutal Planet tour, which was a really memorable show.  I've gone on to see him many more times since with the highlight being in 2017, when he returned to the UK with the surviving members of the Alice Cooper Group after 43 years.


Whilst originally a fan of Alice Cooper the man, I have grown to become an avid follower of the original Alice Cooper Group and have huge respect and appreciation for the pivotal role played by Neal Smith, Glen Buxton, Dennis Dunaway and Michael Bruce.  Without them, there would not have been an 'Alice Cooper' and the music they created easily remains some of the best that Alice (formerly Vincent Furnier) has been a part of.  It is a personal regret that I wasn’t able to witness for myself the musical and cultural impact that the band had in the early 70's.


I would like to pay special thanks to the various (not to mention superb) sources of Alice Cooper information that are available.  These include, but are not limited to the following:



Alice Cooper Group 1964-1974 Facebook Page

Alice Cooper Bizarre Easy Action Facebook Page

Alice Cooper Collectable Memorabilia Facebook Page

The Original Glen Buxton

The Collector’s Guide to Alice Cooper (Editions 1 and 2), Dale Sherman



Additionally, there are various persons connected with the Alice Cooper family who have offered me advice and support (you know who you are).


Finally, I would like to make it clear that I will never knowingly attempt to infringe anybody’s copyrighted or personal material.  If I have done so then I apologise and will happily remove / blur such items upon request.  I use fairly low resolution pictures with the aim being to showcase the general content of items whilst not acting as any kind of subsitute for having the real thing.  Conversley, for very rare items it's a chance to share to other fans what they have to offer.    


I hope you enjoy the website and thanks for visiting!


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