Other Releases

This section covers both Alice Cooper releases that are not associated with any particular album and other releases that feature 'Alice Cooper'.


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Flash Fearless Versus The Zorg Women Parts 5 & 6 12" Vinyl Album

1975, Chrysalis Records, CHR. 1081

This intriguing concept was a musical set to a comic book, both of which were provided as part of the same package. Although suggested otherwise by the title, there were no previous (or indeed subsequent) releases so Parts 5 and 6 are all that ever existed. Both Parts feature in the comic book that was included with this release.


I picked up my UK copy of this album from an excellent record store in Exeter and it is not only in great condition, but also includes the comic. The vinyl comes in a simple card sleeve with a Zorg Woman on the front and track listings and credits on the back. 


Flash Fearless is a 24th century Superman-style hero from the USA who takes on the raunchy Zorg Women after his spaceship crashes on the planet Zorg. Thankfully, everyone speaks English so it's easy to keep up with the rather amusing storyline. Clearly, more editions were planned as Part 6 concludes with a cliff-hanger ending!   


Despite the rather obscure nature of the release, some high profile artists appeared took part. These included The Who's John Entwistle and Keith Moon, Justin Haywood of the Moody Blues plus Alice Cooper, of course, who appeared on 2 of the 11 all-new tracks (I'm Flash and Space Pirates). 


These two Alice tracks were later included on the The Life And Crimes Of Alice Cooper boxset, offering fans the chance to have them on CD. Both tracks pretty decent and are well worth ensuring that you have them in your Alice music collection. It is also notable in that they are effectively his first tracks as a solo artist, as this album was released between Muscle Of Love (the last Alice Cooper Group album) and Welcome To My Nightmare.


Finally, I wonder if this project inspired Alice's The Last Temptation album some 20 years later?


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I'm Flash 7" Promotional Vinyl Single

1975, Chrysalis Records, CHS.2069

This UK promotional vinyl single for the Flash Fearless soundtrack album (above) features Green Chrysalis labels, a paper sleeve and includes I'm Flash by Alice Cooper on Side A and Trapped by Elkie Brooks on Side B (which also features on the album). No retail copy was ever released.


The sleeve features similar artwork to the full album on the front but, interestingly, only mentions Alice Cooper. On the back, however, are pictures of both Alice and Elkie Brooks performing live.


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The Best Of Alice Cooper 7" Vinyl EP

1980, Warner Brothers, 96.060

This unique Brazilian 4-track 7" EP features cream Warner Brothers labels, comes in a card sleeve and includes How You Gonna See Me Now and You And Me on Side A (from the From The Inside and Lace And Whiskey albums) and I Never Cry and Only Women Bleed on Side B (from the Goes To Hell and Welcome To My Nightmare albums).


The sleeve has a two-tone image of Alice smiling on the front, whereas on the back are track listings and credits.


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Roadie 12" Vinyl Album

1980, Warner Brothers, K66093

Roadie is a 1980 film starring Meat Loaf and Kaki Hunter, with Alice Cooper also appearing as himself. This UK two vinyl soundtrack features 16 songs from the film and includes the Alice Cooper tracks Road Rats and Pain (from the Lace and Whisky and Flush The Fashion albums respectively).


Inside the gatefold sleeve is an image of Alice in concert with track listings credits also provided on each of the two vinyl sleeves.


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For Britain Only 7" Vinyl Single

1982, Warner Brothers, K17940

As the title suggests, For Britain Only was a UK only release to celebrate a successful Special Forces tour of 1982. The song did not feature anywhere else until The Life And Crimes Of Alice Cooper CD boxset was released in 1999.


This 7" vinyl single features cream Warner Brothers labels, a card sleeve and includes For Britain Only on Side A and a live version of Under My Wheels on Side B (recorded at Glasgow Apollo on the 1982 Special Forces tour and subsequently included in a 2020 release of the full show).


The sleeve features an image of a very gaunt-looking Alice holding a Union Jack flag whilst performing live. On the back is an image of him from behind saluting the audience whilst wearing a jacket featuring a USA flag.


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For Britain Only 12" Vinyl Single

1982, Warner Brothers, K17940(T)

This 'Limited Edition' UK 12" vinyl single features cream Warner Brothers labels, a card sleeve and includes the same tracks as the above 7" on Side A and additional live versions of Who Do You Think We Are and Model Citizen on Side B (these were also recorded at Glasgow Apollo on the 1982 Special Forces tour and subsequently included in a 2020 release of the full show).


The sleeve features identical artwork to the 7" release (above).


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Twisted Sister, Be Crool To Your Scuel 7" Vinyl Single

1986, Atlantic Records, 789 438-7

Shortly before Alice's permanent return to the music business with his Constrictor album in 1986, he was invited to make a guest appearance on the Twisted Sister song Be Crool To Your Scuel. Twisted Sister had made no secret of the influence of both Group and solo Alice on their own look and sound, which culminated in the hit record Stay Hungry in 1984.


Be Crool To Your Scuel is taken from the vastly inferior 1985 follow-up, Come Out And Play, but was a fitting song for Alice to appear on. This is firstly because the theme of the song (i.e. fighting the authority of school) was something that Alice was obviously famous for and, secondly, the gory high budget video was eventually banned by MTV for being too offensive. This was somewhat ironic as it had more than a lot in common with Michael Jackson's Thriller video, which came out in 1983, was never banned, and went on to become one of the most watched videos of all time! 


Being truthful, Be Crool To Your Scuel is not a very good song and is definitely no School's Out! However, it was great to see Alice back in good health following the career low of his 'Blackout' period. Also, the fact that the video got banned probably wasn't the worst thing as it no doubt made a new generation of teenagers keen to find out more about him!


This European 7" vinyl single features a picture sleeve and features red and black Atlantic labels. Alice is not pictured or mentioned anywhere though. 


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'Alice Cooper' 3" Mini CD Single

1989, Warner Brothers, 921132-2

This German 3" 'Mini CD' single comes in a simple card sleeve and includes the album versions of Hello Hooray, Billion Dollar Babies and Elected (from the Billion Dollar Babies album) plus the album version of School's Out (from the School's Out album).


This is an interesting, if rather bizarre, release considering that the CD was released in 1989 (about 16 years after these songs were first recorded).


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Raw Magazine Compilation 7" Vinyl

1989, Epic, XPS 239

This UK compilation 7" vinyl came free with a copy of Raw Magazine in 1989 and features I'm Your Gun (from the Trash album) plus songs by other artists FM, Living Colour and Bad English.


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Prime Cuts VHS

1991, Castle Music Pictures, CMP 6050

Originally released in 1991 on VHS format, Prime Cuts was an audio-visual biography of all things Alice Cooper, from the late 60’s up until the time of production (where Hey Stoopid was being recorded).  


Included are rare live / tv performance clips from the Alice Cooper Group era (such as I’m Eighteen, where Alice is clearly a little worse for wear), interview footage and music videos for songs such as Elected, Department of Youth and Poison. A short video of the Hey Stoopid recording sessions featuring Alice and Slash is also provided towards the end.


Although it covers the Alice Group years, the release is very Alice-centric with none of the other Group members interviewed as part of the original release. 


Prime Cuts also doesn’t cover much of the early 80’s period, Alice's problems with alcohol or his triumphant return via the Nightmare Returns Tour (something corrected in the later Super Duper Alice Cooper). 


The interviews include the following topics of discussion:


> How the Alice Cooper name came about;

> How Alice Cooper first started out;

> How Alice met Frank Zappa;

> Shep Gordon interview;

> Clearing the hall at Lenny Bruce’s birthday party;

> The chicken incident in Toronto;

> Ballad of Dwight Fry as tribute to the Dwight Fry character;

> Bob Ezrin interview;

> Bob Ezrin’s importance to Alice Cooper;

> Slash interview;

> Glen Buxton;

> Dennis Dunaway;

> Mike Bruce;

> Neal Smith;

> Working with Salvador Dali;

> The broken down lorry and dead plan passenger publicity stunts in London;

> The Group’s break-up;

> Belonging to the Hollywood Vampires drinking club;

> Alice's drinking problems;

> On-stage executions;

> Ozzie Osborne interview;

> Alice's influence on the youth of today; and

> The success of the Trash album.


This UK VHS video is the original version and features and an image of Alice performing live in top hat and coat. Amusingly, it also has an '18' rating which was rather over-the-top (even if it did unwittingly acknowledge one of Alice Cooper's greatest songs).


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Prime Cuts 12" LaserDisc

1991, Image Entertainment, ID8575CA

LaserDiscs were the first home-based optical media format and were introduced way back in the late 1970's. As you will appreciate from the images below, they were typically 12" in diameter meaning that they looked like a DVD but were actually the size of a typical vinyl album. Unlike DVDs they were also double-sided, but with only about 60 minutes of storage time on each side, viewers typically had to change sides at least once per movie (Terminator 2, for example, came on two discs and required three changes from start to finish).


Although revolutionary at the time, and despite surviving for about 20 years, they failed to topple the monopoly of the VHS videotape due to the very high purchase costs of the players and discs (a good player could cost more than double that of an equivalent VHS player) and the fact that you couldn't record your own media on them. That said, the high image and audio quality meant they enjoyed (and in some cases, still do enjoy) a cult following amongst videophiles in regions like North America and Japan. The advent of the DVD around the turn of the 21st century acted as the final nail in the coffin for LaserDiscs.


Several Alice Cooper LaserDisc releases were made, including Trashes The World, Video Trash, the Welcome To My Nightmare live show and this 12" USA version of Prime Cuts, which features the famous glam image of Alice with a flower on the front. This is a quirky item and a nice nod back to the time when digital media was still finding its feet in the world.


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Prime Cuts Video CD

1994 (Approx), Castle Multi Media, CMM DD111

Video CDs (VCDs) were another home-based optical media format that were introduced around the mid-1990's. Unlike LaserDiscs, they were much smaller (i.e. the size of a regular CD) and could be played on Personal Computers and games consoles of the time. Although largely obsolete these days, they still work on many DVD players, which went on to become the dominant domestic format of the late 90's and early 2000's (due largely to superior audio and video quality).


Several Alice Cooper VCD releases were made, including Brutally Live, the Welcome To My Nightmare live show and this UK two-disc version of Prime Cuts. This includes abridged artwork compared to the LaserDisc version (above). A simple paper booklet is also provided that includes track listings, credits and the same promotional text as on the back of the case.


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Prime Cuts DVD

1998, Image Entertainment, ID4395CADVD


This DVD release of Prime Cuts comes in a 'Snap Case' that features similar artwork to the Laser Disc and Video CD releases (above).


As an early DVD release, it does not feature any bonus content compared to the original VHS version (other than a title screen and chapter selection function). 


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Prime Cuts Special Edition DVD

2001, Sanctuary Digital Entertainment, SDE3002

Prime Cuts was given a much welcomed 10th anniversary DVD reboot in 2001. This came in a nice tactile snakeskin fold-out 'Digipak' case and included two discs complete with creepy interactive menus.  


The 1st disc features the material from the original release (above) whilst the 2nd contains an interactive snakes and ladders game that provides over 80 minutes of all-new video footage as you successfully navigate the board (or just cheat by making creative use of your remote control). The rating was also reduced from '18' to a far more sensible '15'. Both discs also featured all-new navigation graphics (see screenshots below).


The new footage includes interviews from around the 2000 period with Alice, Neal Smith, Mike Bruce, Dennis Dunaway and Dick Wagner. These cover the following topics, some of which were already brought up in the original release:


> The early days of the Alice Cooper Group;

> The Group members use of drugs and alcohol;

> Eighteen;

> The difference between on stage and offstage Alice;

> School’s Out;

> Elected;

> The constant touring schedule during the Group years;

> Billion Dollar Babies;

> The Muscle Of Love album and the subsequent break-up;

> No More Mr Nice Guy;

> Only Women Bleed;

> Poison;

> Lost In America;

> Alice’s drinking; and

> Glen’s passing.


The real highlight of the bonus material though is about 30 minutes of dress rehearsal footage from the Raise Your Fist and Yell Tour of 1987 and 1988, including:


> Eighteen;

> Dead Babies;

> Killer (including the gallows);

> School’s Out;

> Billion Dollar Babies;

> No More Mr Nice Guy; and

> Only Women Bleed.


Also provided are the video for Poison (again), Lost In America and live performances of Elected (from the 1996 Fistful Of Alice sourced concert at Cabo Wabo) and Brutal Planet (taken from the Brutally Live release of 2000).


Finally, a 'Photo Gallery' feature, showing various shots of Alice throughout his career is provided (which is set to Poison). 


Despite being over 20 years old, and regardless of the subsequent launch of Super Duper Alice Cooper, this version of Prime Cuts remains a valuable addition to anyone’s collection.


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The Ultimate Clip Collection DVD

2003, SMV Enterprises, 2021569

This useful DVD features 9 official videos from the Trash, Hey Stoopid and The Last Temptation era (many of which have not been made officially available before, or since). The tracks included are:


1. Poison (Trash);

2. Only My Heart Talkin' (Trash);

3. Bed Of Nails (Trash);

4. Feed My Frankenstein (Hey Stoopid);

5. Hey Stoopid (Hey Stoopid);

6. I Got A Line On You (N/A);

7. It's Me (The Last Temptation);

8. Lost In America (The Last Temptation); and

9. Love's A Loaded Gun (Hey Stoopid).


No notable bonus features are provided, but a fairly laughable biography and extremely basic discography (only covering the period between 1989's Trash and 1995's Classicks albums) are included. Also, no booklet is provided, with just a simple two-sided inlay offered instead.


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Unity, Athens 2004 Olympic Games CD Album

2004, Capitol Music, 724347308321

In 2004, Alice was invited to provide a contribution on the official Athens Olympic Games album (the event of which took part the same year). This European version features 16 tracks, all of which were collaborations between two different artists. In many cases the match-ups were the sort that you wouldn't expect to see in normal life, and Alice's track Stand was no exception with him performing with American rapper Xzibit.


As you would expect, the outcome was a fairly bizarre fusion of rock and rap with a fairly predictable message of positivity. That said, it is just the kind of song that you would expect to hear on an album dedicated to themes like determination and equality, plus I don't think Alice would have minded the exposure one little bit.


Stand was also provided as a 'Bonus Track' on most copies of the Dirty Diamonds album. This was good in that it allowed fans another way to access the song, but it really didn't fit well with the rest of the album.


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Avantasia, The Scarecrow CD Album

2008, Nuclear Blast, 27361 20652

Avantasia is a metal 'Supergroup' formed in 1999 by German artist Tobias Sammet. Including former Alice Cooper touring drummer Eric Singer at the time, Alice himself appears on the track The Toy Master on their 3rd album, The Scarecrow. Naturally, Alice is the Toy Master himself on this heavy track, which has a similar(ish) feel to Gimme from the Brutal Planet album. 


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Keepin' Halloween Alive CD Single

2009, Nightmare Records

This Halloween-themed USA CD single was initially only available via the official Alice Cooper website for a limited period. Further copies were then made available in very limited quantities during Alice's two-night residency at the London Roundhouse in November 2010. Fans purchasing it enjoyed the added bonus of every copy being hand-signed by Alice himself! It is believed that only 500 copies exist in total.


The CD comes in a nice 'Digipak' case with custom artwork and includes two different versions of Keepin' Halloween Alive, the original and a 'Cooperoke Mix' (which is better known as a karaoke version).


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Keepin' Halloween Alive 7" Vinyl Single

2010, Bigger Picture

Not as rare as the CD version (above) with 2,300 pressings, but still very cool, is this USA 7" vinyl single re-issue of Keepin' Halloween Alive with its glow-in-the-dark disc. This item is interesting in that, whilst still very nice, its artwork shares nothing in common with the CD version. Also unlike the CD, the B Side is a live version of I Love The Dead from an unspecified show (rather than the 'Cooperoke Mix').


It should be noted that this release has been bootlegged twice on 7" vinyl. The first featured the cover art of the official CD version (above) and was supposedly available in seven different, mostly orange-themed, colours of varying pressing quantities (see images below). Several years later a 'By Fans For Fans' bootleg was also produced (see image below), which was allegedly limited to just 10 copies and featured a 7" picture disc that again included the cover art of the official CD version.


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Slash CD Album

2010, Roadrunner Records

Slash is the self-titled debut solo rock album by Slash (of Guns N' Roses). The standard CD version featured a host of notable cameo appearances, including Chris Cornell, Iggy Pop, Lemmy Kilmister and Ozzy Osbourne.


An 'Exclusive Limited Edition' Classic Rock Magazine edition was also produced, which was similar to the Collector's Pack release of the Welcome 2 My Nightmare album (released a year later and also by Classic Rock). This included the bonus track Baby Can't Drive, an upbeat rocker duet between Alice and Nicole Scherzinger (of the pop group The Pussycat Dolls). It's actually a pretty good song, so worth hunting out a copy of this CD.


Other than the track title and credits, there is no Alice-related content in any of the packaging. I only have the CD though, so am not sure what is provided in the rest of the release (i.e. the supporting magazine).


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Lemmy Documentary Blu-Ray

2011, Entertainment One, E051473

This excellent documentary on the late, great, Lemmy Kilmister of Motorhead features Alice as a guest 'talking head'. Alice's contributions aside, this is well worth checking out for any fan of rock-and-roll.


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From Straight To Bizarre DVD

2011, Sexy Intellectual, SID568

This excellent documentary takes a detailed look at the legendary Straight and Bizarre Records labels founded by American musician Frank Zappa in the late 60's. The Alice Cooper Group is featured in-depth, with Dennis Dunaway and Neal Smith explaining (in all new interviews) how they came to sign for the Straight label and what ultimately led them to splitting with Zappa as their careers took off following the release of Love It To Death.


Also featured are clips of Sing Low, Sweet Cheerio (incorrectly titled 'Swing Low...'), Living, Reflected, Levity Ball, Lay Down and Die Goodbye, Return Of The Spiders, I'm Eighteen and Ballad Of Dwight Fry.


I'm very grateful to hardcore Alice Cooper Group fan Chris Daniels for gifting me this copy. Chris has one of the finest collections of Alice Cooper related Straight and Bizarre records in the world and is, therefore, obviously a big admirer of this release.


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Supermensch: The Legend Of Shep Gordon DVD

2014, Dogwoof, DOG307

Supermensch is an excellent documentary film by Mike Myers (of Wayne's World fame) about Alice's long-standing, larger-than-life, manager and friend Shep Gordon. As expected given their intertwined history, there is heavy Alice Cooper content with some fascinating insights covering the very early days of the Alice Cooper Group and their rise to fame. There is also some nice candid footage of Alice and Shep hanging out together.


The film features interviews with a host of stars including Shep himself, Alice, Michael Douglas, Sylvester Stallone and Mike Myers and is well worth checking out.


In 2016, a companion Supermensch autobiography book was released. 


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The Art Of McCartney CD / DVD Album

2014, Arctic Poppy, APCDBOOK1402AMZ

The Art Of McCartney is a 2014 tribute album featuring 36 tracks involving Beatles legend Paul McCartney, sung by a wide array of music artists including Bob Dylan, Barry Gibb, Def Leppard, Smokey Robinson, Sammy Hagar and, of course, Alice! The particular song covered by Alice is The Beatles' Eleanor Rigby, which is a fitting choice due to its somewhat dark (albeit largely urban myth) undertones. This is Alice's forte though and he undoubtedly takes the song into new, haunting, territory which should always be the goal with covers in my opinion. A further track, Smile Away, was also recorded by Alice, but this is understood to have only appeared on a special edition CD and coloured 180 gram vinyl box set (see below).


Also provided in this package is a DVD which includes 5-minute features / interviews with selected artists during the recording of their covers. Alice again is included, offering some insights into how he approached the song. This European two CD / DVD 'DigiBook' can be picked up for a bargain price these days and it's well worth picking up for the Alice content alone.


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The Art Of McCartney 12" Vinyl Album

2014, Arctic Poppy, APVINLP1402

This is the coloured 180 gram vinyl (disc four of four) from The Art Of McCartney vinyl box set that includes the additional Paul McCartney cover by Alice, Smile Away, together with seven other tracks by alternative artists. The disc is an impressive opaque blue marble design.


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Peter And The Wolf In Hollywood CD

2015, Deutsche Grammophon, 4794888 GH

This unusual release features Alice narrating a modern, Hollywood-based, adaption of the classic Sergei Prokofiev composition Peter And The Wolf. The story lasts approximately 50 minutes with Alice featuring throughout as he narrates the story in-between various classical music excerpts.


Alice speaks in a child friendly manner throughout but with the occasional snarl that we're so used to. Additionally, the producers also manage to include a small sample of School's Out (which is being played on a car stereo). The booklet of this European version features a picture of Alice and a complementary paragraph about him.


An iPad App was also produced, this featured the same narration as the CD but with animated graphics to watch as you listen to Alice. A short video clip of Alice recording his spoken parts can be seen in the end credits (see screen grab below).


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Vinyl Blu-Ray

2016, HBO, 5051892 199858

Vinyl is an entertaining USA TV drama series created by Mick Jagger, Martin Scorsese, Rich Cohen and Terence Winter. It is set in 1970's New York, where a fictional record company (American Century Records) is struggling to adapt to changes in the music scene.


A number of high profile historical music icons are portrayed, including David Bowie, Elvis Presley and the Alice Cooper Group. The latter appears in episode three, where attempts are made by an A&R rep to persuade Alice (played by Dustin Ingram) to sign as a solo artist. Thinking he's getting somewhere, he turns up at an Alice Cooper Group rehearsal only to find out that all the Group members know and that Alice is going nowhere. Alice then puts him in his guillotine and 'chops his head off' before dangling his own severed head in front of him. Great drama and you also get a chance to hear an excellent cover of I Love The Dead performed by Dennis Dunaway's Blue Coupe!


Sadly, a second season was not commissioned but at least we have this one to enjoy. It's well worth a purchase (and not just for the Alice content).


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Jesus Christ Superstar CD Album

2018, Masterworks Broadway, 19075848422

In 2018, Alice secured a high profile appearance as King Herod in a one-off NBC live Easter Sunday broadcast of Andrew Lloyd Webber and Tim Rice's hit musical Jesus Christ Superstar. Alice did not disappoint at all, putting in a highly assured, arrogant, performance whilst wearing an eye-catching gold suit and skull cane. He also ended the song with a triumphant mic drop!


This was not the first time that Alice has performed this song, having laid down an audio recording for Tim Rice in 1996 (which I believe was used during performances of the play in London).


This two CD set features all the music from the performance and includes several images of Alice and other cast members in their costumes.


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Jesus Christ Superstar DVD

2018, Masterworks Broadway, 19075859819

This is the DVD release of the above television production and features the full performance, including Alice's triumphant performance (where he is very much in his on-stage Alice persona). He also briefly appears during the curtain call at the end in a much more off-stage mood.


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The Many Faces Of Alice Cooper CD Album

2017, Music Brokers, MBB7248

This rather strange unofficial-bordering-bootleg Mexican release comes in a 'Digipak' and includes three CDs featuring the following content:
> CD1: 14 post Alice Cooper Group tracks by Dennis Dunaway, Michael Bruce and Neal Smith. As well as solo / Alice Cooper cover tracks, this also includes material by the spinoff bands Bouchard, Dunaway and Smith, Deadringer and Killsmith.
> CD2: 12 'Live Nightmare Tour' tracks. Although it is implied that these are taken from a Welcome To My Nightmare tour show, this is almost certainly not the case, as I do not believe that the included Under My Wheels or Is It My Body were performed during that tour. It is more probable, therefore, that this is a collection of live tracks stitched together from various tours. These are most likely to be from some of the many previously released 1970's live shows that were originally recorded for radio broadcasts.   
> CD3: 14 cover songs of Alice Cooper (both Group and solo) material by a range of artists and tribute bands (most notably, 5th Avenue Vampires).
Provided within the packaging is a short biography which, very amusingly, states that "On CD 2 we present Alice Cooper on her first solo tour"!
Questionable legitimacy aside, this is worth buying for CD1 alone as it's a great way to collectively hear some of the hard-to-find material put out by Dennis, Michael and Neal after the Alice Cooper Group hiatus begun. 
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The Many Faces Of Alice Cooper 12" Vinyl Album

2019, Music Brokers, VYN039


This 'Limited Edition' French vinyl version of The Many Faces Of Alice Cooper features two semi-translucent gold splatter effect discs.


The content is significantly reduced compared to the CD version (above) with the following material dropped:


> Four of the Alice Cooper Group solo material tracks on CD one (i.e. Baby, Please Don't Stop, Everyday Is A Holiday, Sexual Savior and Black Ju-Ju);


> All 12 of the live tracks on CD two; and


> Three of the cover versions on CD three (i.e. He's Back, Spirits Rebellious and Pain).  


In summary, the CD version is the better choice, due to the increased content and the fact that it can be found for a lot less money than this one.


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Alice Cooper And The Tome Of Madness 12" Vinyl

2021, Metal Department, 12MD-04

This unusual European 12" vinyl release was produced by the Maltese company Metal Department in support of an Alice Cooper digital slot game of the same name by Metal Reels. Available on both black and yellow vinyl (like mine), both of which were limited to 500 copies, it features an 18-minute story narrated by Alice himself and set to a spooky (albeit repetitive) background soundtrack. The storyline is broadly as follows:


> A lost and confused Alice finds the empty 'Tome of Madness' book in a mysterious store called 'The Library Of Wisdom'. Alice intends to use the book as a diary for his troubled thoughts, but an old clerk warns him that it isn't for that purpose.


> Back home Alice writes his name in the diary and the room starts to shake. Ancient writing magically appears in the book and a blinding light shoots out from it, wrapping Alice in chains that pull him inside and into another dimension of space, stars and galaxies. Signs point to an 'Easy' and 'Hard' way out and he chooses the latter.


> Alice ends up in a castle dungeon, where he is confronted by his doppelganger shadow. He is handed a key, which he uses to open a door outside the dungeon. He escapes a pack of hungry vultures, which then attack his doppelganger's body.


> Alice finds another castle and enters the 'Room Of Death'. He then finds a range of torture devices all occupied by other Alices. He speaks to a severed head at the base of a guillotine and is then attacked by a load of his own dead bodies and placed in the guillotine himself. He fights back only to find that all the other Alice's have vanished and he escapes.


> Alice finds another key and ends up in a rift in space and enters another room full of beautiful naked people. 


> He then finds a sanatorium and enters a mental ward where he finds himself in a straitjacket and has a deep conversation. He gives Alice the final key, which leads him towards a stage in a huge stadium. Backstage are some of the other Alice's that he's met, who form his band before defiantly declaring that there is only one Alice Cooper!


Throughout the story, titles to various Alice Cooper songs are name-checked. These include Caught In A Dream, Is It My Body, Halo Of Flies, I Love The Dead, Working Up A Sweat, Hey Stoopid, Luney Tune and You Drive Me Nervous.


The record comes housed in a gatefold sleeve featuring the rather mediocre artwork from the original slot game.  


This is a somewhat unessential item, but its uniqueness and limited production run means it is probably worth picking up a copy of.


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