Leaflets, Posters and Flyers

Brutal Planet Album Flyer, 2000

Brutal Planet UK Tour Flyer, 2001

Brutal Planet Album Flyer, 2001

The Definitive Alice Cooper / Billion Dollar Babies Albums Flyer, 2001

Dragontown UK Tour Flyer, 2002

Eagle Records Flyer, 2002

Bare Bones UK Tour Flyer, 2003

Dirty Diamonds UK Tour Flyer, 2005

Alice Cooper Band Flyer, 2005

Dirty Diamonds UK Tour Flyer, 2006

Psychodrama UK Tour Flyer, 2007

Theatre Of Death Tour Flyer, 2009

Theatre Of Death Tour USB Flyer, 2009

School's Out Postcard, 2010

Welcome 2 My Nightmare Album Flyer, 2011

Alice Cooper Lithograph

2012, Nightmare Inc.

This nice lithograph was sold on the official Alice Cooper merchandise website and could be purchased with or wtihout a personal autograph by Alice (the latter being vastly more expensive than this unsigned one).


Although the image looks like it may be from a comic book featuring Alice, I don't think I've seen it before (and I own all comics featuring him).

Halloween Night Of Fear UK Tour Flyer, 2012

Halloween Night Of Fear UK Tour Flyer, 2012

Halloween Night Of Fear UK Tour Flyer, 2012

Raise The Dead UK Tour Flyer, 2013

Dr Dreary's Snakes! Museum Signed Poster, 2015

This fantastic poster was produced to advertise Dennis Dunaway's (AKA Dr Dreary's) Snakes! museum, which featured a rare collection of Alice Cooper Group artifacts, at the 2015 Chiller Theatre Expo in New Jersey.  


It is personally signed by Dennis himself plus former Alice Cooper group members Michael Bruce and Neal Smith.

Poison Soundwave Framed Poster, 2015

This framed poster is limited to 20 units (or at least it is alleged to by Concert Live, who have a track record of not being honest) and features the No More Mr Nice Guy artwork set against the soundwave pattern of Poison. This one is marked as #5 of 20.

Spend The Night With Alice Cooper UK Tour Flyer, 2017