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Live At Montreux CD / DVD

2006, Eagle Vision, ERDVCD036

Live At Montreux is a recording of the Dirty Diamonds Tour show at the Montreux Jazz Festival, Switzerland on July 12th 2005.  


Compared to Brutally Live, this is a very different experience as the tour did not have a core concept and instead favoured a more stripped down rock and roll feel (this was in keeping with the approach taken by Alice at this point in time).  This is not a bad thing though with Alice and the band putting in a high energy performance, covering 27 songs, and the audience reacting well in return (especially to the big hits).


Following hot on the heals of the Brutally Live Collector's Edition (above), this release also providers purchasers with both a DVD and CD of the show, this was great as you could enjoy the music whether at home or on the go.  The only downside is that 8 of the songs from the DVD are dropped from the CD (Go To Hell, The Black Widow, The Awakening, Steven, Only Women Bleed, Ballad Of Dwight Fry, Killer and I Love The Dead).


In terms of a booklet, there is not a great deal on offer with just a fold out paper inlay featuring images from the show and a foreword from music biographer Michael Heatley.


Overall, this is a great offering and an essential for any Alice fan.

Live At Montreux Blu-Ray

2006, Eagle Vision, ERBRD5004

This version of Live At Montreux is on the high definition Blu-Ray format, which means that you get super-crisp presentation of the show (far better than the original DVD offering).  The visual appeal of Alice's shows means that recording and presenting in this format really pays off, with a very rewarding experience offered to the viewer.  


The audio CD is dropped from this version sadly, so it is best purchased as an enhanced addition to the original release rather than a complete replacement.  The booklet provided is almost exactly the same as the original release (just a little smaller).

Live At Montreux HD DVD

2006, Eagle Vision, ERHDD1004

This version of Live At Montreux is on the ultimately doomed high definition HD DVD format (basically, the rival to Blu-Ray in the same way that Betamax video was to VHS) and is almost identical to that release (above) only that it comes in a slightly thicker red case.  


I have no means of watching this but can only assume that what is on offer is equally as impressive as the Blu-Ray version.

Live At Montreux CD / DVD

2015, Eagle Records, EAGDV012

This version comes in a jewel case and again features both a DVD and CD of the show from the Montreux Jazz Festival in July 2005.  The already basic booklet from the original release is present but dispenses with the photos.

Live At Montreux Vinyl 12" Vinyl

2011, Night Of The Vinyl Dead, NIGHT 123

This excellent offering by Night Of The Vinyl Dead features the live show from the Montreux Jazz Festival in 2005 that was previously released on DVD and CD format.  Understandably, not all of the 27 songs from the DVD release is provided on the 2 discs with the same 19 tracks from the CD version instead present.


This release is most notable due to its packaging.  Firstly, the gatefold sleeve includes a mirror complete with Alice snake eyes which allows the person holding it to look back at themselves looking (a little) like Alice himeself.  Secondly, the 2 discs are provided on fantastic translucent glitter vinyl which look especially nice when revolving on your deck with the lights on.  The package is finished off with the original content of the DVD / CD booklet printed inside the gatefold sleeve.


This sought after release was limited to just 500 pieces (mine being number 122) and rarely comes up for sale.

Live In Switzerland 12" Vinyl

2014, Back On Black, RCV139LP

This release by Back On Black has an identical track listing to the above version by Night Of The Vinyl Dead.  Although the concert is the same this one is titled as 'Live In Switzerland' which is presumably because not everyone knows where Montreux is!


The packaging, while nice, is not as good as the original release with the glitter vinyl replaced by opaque white discs and the mirror replaces by an image of Alice.  The image of Alice on the front is zoomed out more than the Night Of The Vinyl Dead release (and more like the DVD release).


This is still well worth having if you missed out on the limited edition version.

Classic Rock, Roll Of Honour DVD

2006, Future, ROC99/11/06

This DVD was included in copies of the UK Classic Rock magazine and features performances by artists nominated for their own awards in 2006.  Alice obviously featured and the DVD therefore includes his live performance of Dirty Diamonds from the Live At Montreux release (above).  

Theatre of Death Promotional CD / DVD

2010, Universal

This promotional CD / DVD set features a simple paper inlay, which is blank on one side, plus CD / DVD-R discs containing the same material as the final release (below).

Theatre Of Death CD / DVD

2010, Universal, 2750686

Theatre Of Death was released in 2010 and was most commonly found in a Jewel CD case (see below for details of an alternative version though).  Presumably this was because it was very much an audio as well as video release (and took up less shelf space).  It features the Theatre Of Death show from 2009 at the London Hammersmith Apollo on DVD with the audio soundtrack also provided on a CD.


It is worth noting that while the DVD features the full concert, the CD does not with Welcome To My Nightmare ommited. 


Included in this package was the CD, the DVD and a neat poster booklet, which features credits, concert pics and and a flyer for the featured show.

Theatre Of Death CD / DVD

2010, Universal, 2755872

Theatre Of Death was also released in amaray case format.  I presume this was in order to allow fans to find the release both in the Music and DVD sections of stores due to it's dual format content.  


Oddly, the booklet is different than the other version (above).  This one is just a simple piece of paper folded in half with some pictures on the inside and credits on the back.

Theatre Of Death Blu-Ray

2010, Universal, 0602527506852

This version of Theatre Of Death comes in an amaray case and features the high definition Blu-Ray video of the concert and the same poster-style booklet as the jewel case version (above).  


Disappointingly, there is no audio CD provided like either of the above DVD versions meaning that many fans had to buy this release twice.

Theatre Of Death DVD

2015, Eagle Vision Classics, EVDVD519

This budget version of Theatre Of Death features the DVD only (there is no audio CD).  The perspex case features a double-sided insert containing the familiar artwork, setlist and credits.

Theatre Of Death USB

2009, Concert Online

This unique product was available to buy on-the-night at most, if not all, the 2009 UK shows for £20 (plus many of the the European and USA dates).  


Those attending the concerts were able to reserve their USB stick prior to the show.  On the way out, they were then able to collect them with most of the show already added and an opportunity to download the remaining content a few days later from the Concert Online website.  Full versions were also sold on the same website after each gig.


This particular example is from the Brighton Centre show on 05th December 2009 and came with songs 1-14 already on it with songs 15-26 added afterwards.  Additionally, you get some software which enables you to play the tracks, buy you can also just add them to your iTunes library.  Some of the encore downloads also featured bonus content including photos, lyrics and setlist although this didn't appear to happen with the Brighton show. 


The quality of the recordings were generally pretty good although the instant nature of these releases meant that you were essentially given an 'uncleaned' product including any technical issues that occured on the night.  

Overall, this is an excellent offering and a great personal keepsake to remember the concert that you attended.

Theatre Of Death USB

2009, Concert Online

This further on-the-night release by Concert Online is for the Sheffield (not 'Sheffiled' as spelt on the sticker) concert held on 28th November 2009.

Theatre Of Death USB

2009, Concert Online

This further on-the-night release by Concert Online is for the Hammersmith Apollo show concert held on 06th December 2009.  This was also the show professionally filmed for the subsequent 'Theatre Of Death' DVD and Blu-Ray release.  The audio is different though and includes a few on-the-night blunders, an example being the end of Go To Hell (where one of the band members stops playing early).


Unlike the Brighton version, this copy features the promised bonus content and includes photos, lyrics and the setlist.

Theatre Of Death USB

2010, Simfy Music

A USB recording of some 2010 Theatre Of Death shows was also made available by Simfy Music.  This time, a neat (and rather chunky) wristband was produced featuring the 'Alice Cooper' logo, which reveals the USB connection when unfastened.  Presumably, very few people ever decided to wear this release as a fashion accessory!


This version features the show from Munich on 06th November 2010 and contains all the tracks played that night (it does not appear as though the encore tracks had to be downloaded after purchase).

No More Mr Nice Guy Live CD

2011, Concert Live

Following hot on the heels of the Theatre of Death USB releases (above), Concert Live came up with their own on-the-night service for the No More Mr Nice Guy Tour.  The concept was essentially the same with the customer collecting a near complete 'uncleaned' version of the show after it had ended but with the encore downloaded and subsequently burned to the 3rd CD a few days later (all 3 CDs were green CD-R-type format).


Full versions complete with the encores were also available for a limited period from the Concert Live website (my version being one of these).


This version is from the Rock In Concert, Waldstadion, Germany on 17th June 2011, an outdoor show that was apparently impacted by heavy rain. There were a few issues with the PA system, this is most notable on Clones where you can't hear Alice's voice for part of the first verse.  Also, Elected was not made available despite it being performed during the encore.

No More Mr Nice Guy Live CD

2011, Concert Live

This further on-the-night release by Concert Live, is from the show at the National Indoor Arena, Birmingham, on 27th October 2011.

No More Mr Nice Guy Live CD

2011, Concert Live

This further on-the-night release by Concert Live, is from the show at Alexandra Palace, London, on 29th October 2011.

No More Mr Nice Guy Live CD

2011, Concert Live

This further on-the-night release by Concert Live, is from the show at the Zenith Grand Palais, Lille, on 03rd November 2011.

No More Mr Nice Guy Live CD

2011, Concert Live, CLCD 398

Concert Live later gave the recording of the Alexandra Palace show from 29th October 2011 (above) a 'proper' release on silver disc format.  3 CDs were again included but this time the CD audio of the concert was provided on discs 1 and 2 only, with disc 3 now containing the whole show on MP3 format.  The packaging is also slightly different with the venue and date printed on the back.


I'm not aware of any significant cleaning that was done to this version from the original buy-on-the-night copies, however, one area that was sorted was that some tracks no longer spread across 2 CDs. 

No More Mr Nice Guy Live CD

2012, 4Worlds Media, FWUS037CD

Confusingly, the Alexandra Palace concert was also released by 4Worlds Media shortly after the Concert Live version (above).  This version has a noticeably different sounding mix though, with better overall clarity.


The presentation is almost the same as the Concert Live version only this one comes in a 2 CD jewel case (there is no 3rd MP3 CD).

No More Mr Nice Guy Live 12" Vinyl

2015, Back On Black, RCV178LP

This nice vinyl release by Back On Black features the Concert Live recording mix of the Alexandra Palace from 2011 (above).  As well as the fantastic cover art from the tour being blown up to vinyl size you also get 2 nice translucent blue discs to watch revolving on your turntable.

No More Mr Nice Guy Tour MP3 Badge 

2015, Concert Live

This obscure product was apparantly limited to 100 units and features the Concert Live recording mix of the Alexandra Palace show from 2011 (above).  The music is stored on a micro USB card, which slots into the badge.  You can then plug in the supplied headphones, switch the device on and enjoy the recording whilst proudly displaying the badge (which lights up blue when playing).


To be honest, this is pretty tacky and looks more like a generic promotional item that is given away at events.

The Ultimate Live Collection

2015, Concert Live

In 2015 Concert Live released this 'Ultimate' collection of the 3 previously released No More Mr Nice Guy shows (above), recorded in 2011 at Weistadion, Birmingham and Lille.  The packaging of the CDs is very similar to those shown above although they are a bit more glossy, plus this is the first time that the Weistadion and Lille shows have track listings provided.


The choice of the term 'Ultimate' is, however, rather unfortunate as this release is actually extremely poor.  The reasons for this are as follows:


1. While quite nice looking, and initially wrapped in a bow, the box is far too large for the contents.  This leaves them somewhat lost inside, with cheap packing material used in a rather vain attempt to fill the empty void.  It begs the question 'why didn't you make the box smaller?' as it's not easily stored.


2. The show labelled as Weistadion is actually the show from Alexandra Palace.  We know this as the closing track Fire was only performed at this venue (Arthur Brown was a special guest that night, and it's his song) plus, during Elected, Alice Cooper specifically states that he is in London! 


3. The other 2 shows (Lille and Birmingham) are correct (this is confirmed by listening to Elected, as Alice again names the cities) but, really disappointingly they appear to have been recorded at about 2/3 of the actual speed of the original recordings.  This makes them completely unlistenable as they are far slower than they should be.


4. The date of the Lille show is incorrect on the case (it was the 03/11/11 not 27/11/11) plus School's Out on the Birmingham disc is criminally listed as Another Brick In The Wall (the version from this concert did include an extract from this Pink Floyd song, but it's very much still School's Out).


Many of these errors are schoolboy stuff so Concert Live really should not be very proud of themselves.  That said, it does make this release a bit of a curiosity (even if it probably won't ever become a 'must have').

The Ultimate Live Vinyl Collection

2015, Concert Live

Following hot on the heals of 'The Ultimate Live Collection' (above) is Concert Live's 'The Ultimate Live Vinyl Collection'.


This set comes in an even larger gold box and features 3 previously released Back On Black vinyl albums.  First up is the blue vinyl No More Mr Nice Guy Live (see above), then we have red vinyl Slicker Than A Weasel.  Last but not list we have, errr, the black vinyl STUDIO version of Dragontown!  These are again gift wrapped but look a little less lost inside the huge box than the CD's did in the previous set.  


Quite why Dragontown is included, and therefore why this is claimed as being the 'Ultimate Live Vinyl' collection is beyond me.  Again though, we have a quirky package which has a certain level of charm.  An added bonus is that because the 3 records are stock releases, there are no stupid mistakes with the contents this time round.

Greatest Live Hits

2015, Concert Live, CLCD 043

This budget CD set from Concert Live features live tracks from the recordings of the shows featured in the above No More Mr Nice Guy shows at Alexandra Palace, Weistadion, Lille and Birmingham.


Unlike the box set above the tracks all play at the correct speed.  Unfortunately, Elected is still a problem as it is named as being recorded in London but it is actually clearly from the show in Birmingham.


An odd feature of this release is that the tracks are not played in the order that they appeared during the live shows.  This means that the opener, Black Widow (including the Vincent Price introduction), is relegated to track 14.  I'm not really sure why this decision was made as it just doesn't work well, especially as they've had to fade some tracks in and out to make the order possible.

Concert Live Warning!

Most of the above recordings from the No More Mr Nice Guy Tour of 2011 were released by the company Concert Live.  It is very regrettable that I have had to make the decision to stop buying their products but, enough is enough, and I need to speak up about them.


Their initial releases were absolutely fine, reasonable quality raw recordings of Alice Cooper concerts, which fans could collect just minutes after the show they went to ended.  Their official CD release of the London Alexandra Palace show was also good.


Since then, however, they have begun to sell sub-standard, bootleg quality, products and have gone about their business in a highly unprofessional manner.  Examples of this are as follows:


1. They will always take payment at the time of order but often do not meet their advised delivery dates.  For some products I had to wait 6 months when it was originally advised that the wait would be only a few months.


2. The quality and design of their 'Ulitmate Live' CD and vinyl box sets are, quite frankly, terrible and are basically just generic boxes with an Alice Cooper logo printed on them.  The CD set also had laughable quality recordings and printing errors (these were by no means exclusive to my copy yet they continued to sell them knowing full well that they were faulty). Other items, like the MP3 badge, are like cheap promotional items that companies give out at trade shows.


3. They regularly advertise items as being part of a '24 hour sale' yet they remain available for purchase at the same price for many weeks.


4. They have totally run out of ideas and continue to release the same music over and over again to the same mugs (i.e. people like me) and will probably continue to do this until they stop making money (hence why I've now stopped).  Their most recent release is a set of 7" vinyls, which contain a couple of random tracks from their live catalogue.  Why on earth would anyone want to own this when there is a prefectly good vinyl recording of the whole Alexandra Palace show in London already available?


5. And finally, the thing that really annoyed me was that they emailed their 'top 100 Alice Cooper customers' (see image below) about the 7" box set stating that we would be offered a priority purchase opportunity an hour before they went on general sale.  This was absolute nonsense as the sets were available for anyone to buy several hours BEFORE the indicated time slot.  There was also no mechanism at all for their top customers to access the priority sale (no login or special code), so this was a total lie.


Shame on you Concert Live!

Raise The Dead Live From Wacken Promotional CD / DVD

2014, UDR, 0331A_PR

This promotional CD / DVD set features a simple paper inlay and the 3 discs, each with simple black and white print.  The rear of the sheet contains the track listings for the DVD only (the content of the CDs and DVD is identical to the retail version, below, however).

Raise The Dead Live From Wacken Promotional CD / DVD

2014, UDR, 0331A_PR

This is promotional set is exactly the same as the above version but comes in a clear jewel case instead.

Raise The Dead Live From Wacken CD / DVD

2014, UDR, 0330

In 2014, UDR released Alice's headline appearance at the 2013 Wacken Open Air festival in Germany.  The performance saw Alice perform at twlight in front of approximately 80,000 people, this provides a very different experience to previous live releases filmed at indoor venues in front of much smaller crowds.


This neat CD / DVD digi-pack was also released comprises 2 audio CDs featuring the full live set plus a DVD of the show.  The only songs missing on the DVD are the covers of Revolution and Foxy Lady that Alice performs during the 'Raise The Dead' section of the show (no big loss in my opinion).


There are some nice (and rather spooky) images on the packaging and a good-size booklet that is predominantly filled with some excellent photographs of the concert plus the usual credits.

Raise The Dead Live From Wacken CD / Blu-Ray

2014, UDR, 0335

This version of Raise The Dead comes in an amaray case and

comprises 2 audio CDs featuring the full live set plus a Blu-Ray of the show. As with the above DVD version, Revolution and Foxy Lady are ommited from the Blu-Ray.


Interestingly, the dimensions of the booklet are slightly larger than the DVD version meaning that there are both additional images and less cropping (see examples images below for comparison).


The high definition images provided by the Blu-Ray, mean that this is essential for all Alice fans.

Raise The Dead Live From Wacken Amazon Exclusive Boxset

2014, UDR, 0337

A few months after the release of the above two versions of Raise The Dead, Amazon released this spectacular, exclusive, and limited edition box set for a bargain £50.  Whilst this was a lot more expensive than the other versions it was worth every penny as the content is quite brilliant.


For your money, you get a huge and beautifully presented box.  Inside, is a triple vinyl of the concert which is housed in an extravagent double-gatefold sleeve.  The vinyl also looks fantastic as it's partially translucent white with red blood splatter effect!  This is the epitomy of what vinyl presentation should be and is something that CDs or MP3s can never match.


If that wasn't enough you also get a huge picture book (both in terms of physical size and number of pages).  This is similar to what was offered in the Deluxe Edition of Super Duper Alice Cooper earlier in 2014 and makes for a great collector's item.  The images are those featured in the booklets of the Blu-Ray and CD editions above plus several more.  These include some really good (and quite rare) pre-concert pics of Alice complete with make-up.  As with the vinyl, this oozes class and is worth every penny.


Again, as with the Super Duper Alice Cooper set, the back of the book contains the media content.  No cost is spared here with the 2 CDs, DVD and Blu-Ray all present.


This is one of the best Alice Cooper sets available and a great item for any collection.  It will be interesting to see what kind of money these go for in the future.


Note: A cut-down version of this release became available in 2016, this came in the same box but features only the following:


> 3 x black vinyl discs;
> Blu-Ray in amaray case; and
> 3 x art prints.


See images below for further details.  Collectors should check carefully which version they are buying as they look similar at first glance.  

Live In Paris CD Album

2018, Ear Music, 0212811EMU

Live In Paris was released in September 2018 and features a recording of the 'Spend The Night With Alice Cooper' solo tour show at Paris Olmpia, France, on the 07th December 2017.


This European CD version comes in digi-book style packaging and includes 2 discs housed in indivdual paper sleeves, both of which feature images of fairly gruesome props from the stage show.  No booklet is provided, instead all you get is a 2-sided paper inlay promoting the Paranormal album.  On the front of the case is a nice pre-show image of Alice applying his make-up.


The quality of the audio is exceptionally good but the material offered is not really essential other than Paranoic Personality (the only track from Paranormal and featured as a live track for the first time) and an superb version of the rarely played track Pain (from the Flush The Fashion album).


The frustration with this release and, more specifically, the choice of show, is that just a month earlier Alice was joined by the surviving members of the Alice Cooper Group for encore sets at 5 dates in the United Kingdom.  With plenty of advance notice available, it seems perplexing that one of these shows weren't selected for this release instead.  Surely these historic performances, the first run of shows for 43 years, had priority over another solo performance featuring little variation in the setlist?


In summary, a good release, but not essential by any means.   

Live In Paris 12" Vinyl Album

2018, Ear Music, 0213152EMU

Live In Paris was also released by Ear Music on vinyl.  Limited to 2,000 units worldwide, this features a nice gatefold design with both opaque white and translucent red 180g vinyl discs housed in sleeves featuring images from the recorded show.


In addition to the Paranormal promotional inlay provided in the CD version (above) a digital download card is also provided complete with a unique code.  The image on the front of the case is different to the CD version with an alternative pre-show shot of Alice applying his make-up. 

Live In Paris 12" Vinyl Album

2018, Ear Music, 0213152EMU

This alternative vinyl version of Live In Paris was not announced until after the red / white version (above).  Also limited to 2,000 units worldwide, it includes a different hype sticker on the front and vinyl picture discs featuring the same gruesome images used on the vinyl labels of the first version.


Although this version features the same product code, it has a different barcode number stuck on the back over the standard code.  

For the Live From The Astroturf 7" Single click here.