Blog Spot: 01st July 2018

USA Tour 2018

I had the fortune earlier this month to tour America's 'Golden Triangle' of San Francisco, Los Angeles and Las Vegas with my girls. Whilst we were out there I couldn't resist some Alice-related sightseeing in LA, the city that made the original Alice Cooper Group.


Sadly, my long-standing dream of visiting Cooperstown in Alice's hometown of Phoenix were dashed last year when it abruptly closed, but I made up for it by retracing some of Alice's history in The City Of Angels...

Alice's star on the Hollywood Walk Of Fame
Me with Alice's star!
Legendary Alice Cooper Group venue, The Whisky A Go Go on Sunset Boulevard
Hollywood Vampire's primary drinking venue, The Rainbow (also on Sunset Boulevard)
Iconic record store, Amoeba Music (also on Sunset Boulevard)
Me flicking through the Alice Cooper section!
Amoeba Records Souvenir Pics
The Hollywood Sign (Alice funded the repair of the 3rd 'O' in 1978)