Blog Spot: 17th June 2013

The Alice Cooper, Hardest Working Group Ever?

The work rate of the original Alice Cooper Group is really quite astonishing when you think about it. In the four years between 1969 and 1973 they released seven albums (i.e. Pretties For You, Easy Action, Love It To Death, Killer, School’s Out, Billion Dollar Babies and Muscle of Love). During the latter half of this period the Group also toured extensively across the globe (not to mention all the PR work that they had to do).


The album turnover of the Alice Cooper Group was an incredible 1.8 albums per year. To put this into some perspective, here’s what other artists / bands have achieved:


Alice Cooper (Solo Artist)

19 albums in 36 years = 0.5 albums per year


Black Sabbath

19 albums in 43 years = 0.4 albums per year


Guns N' Roses

6 albums in 21 years = 0.3 albums per year



20 albums in 33 years = 0.6 albums per year


The Beatles

12 albums in 7 years = 1.7 albums per year


David Bowie

26 albums in 46 years = 0.6 albums per year


Marilyn Manson

8 albums in 18 years = 0.4 albums per year


The Rolling Stones

29 albums in 41 years = 0.7 albums per year


As you can see, only The Beatles come close to surpassing the efforts of the original Group (although admittedly, they kept going at a similar pace for a further 3 years).


The break-up of the original Group has been discussed many times, with the need for a rest often cited as a primary factor. This seems highly plausible when you look at the facts, they were working their socks off!